Demi Jones talks fake tan tips, self-care routines and the ‘amazing’ £5 foundation she carries everywhere

The Love Island star chats through her self-care favourites...


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We love a bit of self-care and all this time Self-care will forever be our favourite hobby but we appreciate that recharging and putting yourself first looks different for everyone. Each week, we'll be asking the celeb lot to share their ideal self-care Sunday routines, the hard-working beauty products they recommend to their friends and which TV show they're currently binging…

This week it's all about Demi Jones, the flame-haired beauty who stole our hearts in Love Island series six. She's come a long way since entering the villa as a bombshell - from her sell-out lip-plumping kits to bravely overcoming thyroid cancer, the star has since amassed over a million loyal fans on social media.

Demi is working with iconic tanning brand, St Moriz on their Ready to Glow campaign which is all around inspiring people to feel confident in themselves - because when you look good, you feel good.

"I've been using St Moriz products since I was 15 years old and I've always used it," Demi tells heat. "I feel like I've really manifested this, like working with St Moriz has actually been the biggest dream come true. Out of all my brand deals, this feels the most authentic. No matter how many tans I've tried over the years, I always come back to this one."

Demi chats exclusively to heat about her favourite fake tan tips, make-up ride-or-dies and the best advice she's ever been given...

On self-care

"My ideal self-care Sunday for me... I’m such a water baby, I would go in the shower for ages. My mum and dad would be knocking on the door like, 'Get out… the water bill!' and I just love to be in the shower, I would be in there for at least an hour. That’s when I like to use my Rituals products, all like the really nice foamy shower gel, anything that smells really good, I will just lather over myself and stay in there, I’ll do a full-on concert in the shower, that is my little haven in the shower.

"I scrub all my tan off, I’m all fresh, that's when I feel my best. But my ideal self-care Sunday would be to do that, come out, and also steam my face. I’ll literally lay in bed with my little handheld steamer, and just steam my face and watch Netflix at the same time. Maybe I’ll do a little face mask and stuff like that and indulge in Netflix all night."

On skincare

"I’m actually going through a real journey with my skincare at the moment. When I got through cancer I was put on this medication, a medication I’m on for life. It’s giving me acne, and it’s just stressing me out so much.

"But one thing which I’ve really changed is that I’ve been having regular facials, at least once a month which really helps get rid of the congestion. Taking vitamins as well, I’ve been taking zinc vitamins which have really helped. And also, the guy that does my facials recommended I use The Ordinary and I've been loving the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum. I've been using it for a week and I've only got one spot, other than that, my skin's looking really good. So, I really recommend that one. Maybe because they’re so concentrated and really specific, but I love it so far."

On budget beauty buys

"You know how everyone uses the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm and it's quite expensive? I use the P.Louise - Make It Melt Makeup Remover and it’s a coconut-scented cleansing balm. I swear to God, for £20 it’s a massive pot and it's exactly the same thing. It feels exactly the same, and smells very similar, so that’s a really really good dupe for the Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. They’re smashing it and the packaging is so cute."

"My go-to tan is the [St. Moriz Advanced Colour Correcting Tanning Mousse]{href='' target='_blank' rel='noreferrer noopener nofollow'} in the shade 'medium' as the green undertone helps to neutralise any redness in my skin - it's also currently on offer at Boots!"

On make-up favourites

"Something I take everywhere with me is the Maybelline Fit Me powder. It’s a translucent powder and it's amazing. It comes with a mirror and its own powder puff as well, I always take that everywhere with me.


Rrp: £6.99

Price: £6

"Another one is the Pretty Little Thing lip oils, I’m obsessed with lip oils, I’m now a lip oil girl instead of a lip gloss. They’re really moisturising, and they stay on the lips for a really long time. The PLT ones are honestly so good.

"I love a little TikTok shop buy. My current day-to-day primer is a vitamin C brightening one from Beauty Crop, it's so fresh and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, so that’s a really nice one."

On tanning tips

"This is the main one I always tell people, I think some people don’t really realise or do, which has really changed my self-tan routine, for me, once I’ve actually applied all the self-tan, I pat myself down, and its actually really interesting because when I had my St Moriz campaign photoshoot recently, we had the International Tanning Expert Olivia Todd spray tan us with St Moriz and afterwards she actually did the same thing, and I was like “Oh my god we do the same”, and she was like “Yeah it's such a good tip”.

"So just pat yourself down, after you’ve applied it with the mitt and everything, just to make sure there are literally no streaks, and its perfect perfect application, pat yourself down everywhere, and it blends everything so seamlessly.

"And other than that, as well, I would say, I always use the excess that’s on the mitt to do my hands and feet. Otherwise sometimes when you put more on, you can get odd colours because on the hands and feet it's too much because they are so porous, so I use whatever is excess on the mitt to rub it on my hands and feet."

On daily wellness habits

"I’ve actually just been investing in the gym, does that count as wellness? This is so unlike me, I’ve never been a fitness girl... I’m actually in my gym wear at the moment! I put on so much weight after my cancer treatments so I’m trying to get my confidence back and really go with it. I’ve got my PT sessions, nothing too intense, and learning to go up to the big boy weights. The PTs literally combat me to death but it's just making me confident to go up to the big weights."

On book recommendations

"I don’t read lots of books and it’s such a shame - when I was younger, I used to be the biggest book addict, I loved it, but I think I’m just too busy now. There’s one book that has stuck with me though and it's Vex King's Good Vibes Good Life. Just because I believe in that so much, how everything is actually just a vibration and good vibes seep out, people pick up on it.

"That’s why you can’t be around negative people because it drains you and takes your energy. So that’s a really good one for thinking differently, thinking that whatever you send out into the world you get back."

On really good advice

"My mum is so good with these, whenever I’m upset, she always comes out with a good one. There’s another one that she always tells me and again I’ve been giving that to some of my friends recently that have been upset about some things.

"Which is ‘Today’s news is tomorrow's fish and chips paper’. She’s always told me that and if I’m ever worried about something, or if anything comes out in the news, anything I’m upset about, she always says “Dems, today they are talking about it, tomorrow they won’t care.” So, she’s like, 'Just be strong, get through it and tomorrow is a new day' and that’s always really really helped me. That’s a really good little quote."

Quickfire round:

What show are you currently watching? Black Mirror, I've been loving them.

How do you like your cuppa? I like it a bit stronger these days, I’m a bit stressed! So, a bit stronger and two sweeteners.

Go-to loungewear brand? I actually really like the White Fox Boutique, they do lovely tracksuits, little cycling shorts and hoodies, they’re a really good one.

Favourite face mask? The Dr Jart rubber face masks actually stay on your face and they look really cool.

Go-to takeaway order? Thai food, anything Thai. Red curry, green curry, I love it!

Favourite candle? Neom. They always smell so strong, and I love the positivity one, that smells really positive!

The St. Moriz Ready to Glow campaign supports the brand’s ‘Made of More’ proposition that aims to empower individuals to be themselves and inspire everyone to do whatever makes them feel confident. Find out more, here.

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