Easter beauty eggs are back and we’re obsessed

Yep, these lot are eggcellent...

Easter beauty eggs

by Lily Anderson |

Easter beauty eggs are back, and we're absolutely buzzing.

Instead of eating your way through the best Easter eggs on Amazon, you can treat yourself to an Easter-themed make-up/self-care/bath and body bundle - what's not to like?

Last year, we spent all our money on cute little eyeshadow eggs, but now, the beauty Easter egg game has really stepped it up a gear. We're about to part with some serious cash to get our hands on some limited edition beauty eggs.

PSA: Glossybox has launched a limited edition Easter Egg. This features not one, not five but ELEVEN products. Where do you sign-up? Keep reading to find out babes.

With summer just around the corner, now's the time to experiment with some fire make-up looks for #hotgirlsummer. Start shopping below.

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Hun, don't put all your eggs in one basket - unless it's a shopping basket of course, in that case, take home as many as you want.

You don't need the excuse of looking for a gift for your best pal's birthday or something nice to cheer them up either, you can totally just send yourself a nice pressie just because.

By that we mean we're adding everything to our basket immediately🛍️.

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