The £13.95 pre-wash treatment that’s going viral for ‘ridiculously fast hair growth’

The results are incredible 👏🏻

Hair Syrup Review

by Aimee Jakes |

We’re on a never-ending quest for swishy, long hair that wouldn’t look out of place in a Disney film. But thanks to er, ‘external factors’ (read: GHDs and money piece highlights) our tresses look almost as frazzled as when we returned home from Glastonbury with approx. 29203843 emails.

Luckily, faithful TikTok has found a solution for Really Great Hair and its Hair Syrup’s pre-treatment oils (£13.95)which promise to inject life back into tired tresses. Some fans have shared how they’ve seen ‘ridiculous hair growth’ since using the sweet treat(ment). Sign. Us. Up.

TikToker @Billiejairadford posted a Hair Syrup Original review which racked up over 242k views on the platform. She shared the secret sauce to her impressive hair growth and spoiler alert, it’s Hair Syrup Original (£13.95).

She explained in a chatty video, “I literally always get asked how I grew my hair so quick because literally last year it was just here [points to under ear] so I’d say it’s grown quite a bit. Basically, I don’t wash it as much, I don’t dye it as much and I use this stuff, it’s the Hair Syrup. I swear by this sh*t, I love it. I literally don’t think you can get much better than this.”

Billie isn't the only Hair Syrup fan - the small business has been gaining attraction online at record speed.

One happy customer wrote, “I never usually write these kind of things but here it goes. I just wanted to say thank you. I had a baby last year and I suffered from really bad hair loss, the condition of my hair really suffered and became dry, brittle and just horrible. I tried deep conditioners, and protective styles and nothing was helping.

"My sister showed me your products. I took the plunge and ordered in December. I have used the product 3 times (more than the weekly treatment recommended) and even after the first treatment, I got some life back into my hair, which blew me away. By the third time, it's shiny, less frizzy and so soft. I can’t wait to see the results after a few months."

From ‘Rapunzel’ to ‘Mint Condition’ there are plenty of different pre-wash treatments to choose from depending on your hair type and condition. Unsure on which one to opt for? Buckle in.

Which hair syrup is best for me?

Original (£13.95): The fail-safe, the bread and butter, the crux of a gleamy hair routine. If you're unsure on which one to pick this prewash treatment is for you. This promises to nourish, restore and add shine to your locks- all the while encouraging hair growth, of course!

Rapunzel (£13.95):The clue is in the name - a haircare routine must-have for anyone looking for some serious length. Like, yesterday. This formula includes pink grapefruit oil and flaxseed for Rapunzel-esque tresses.

Lemon Aid (£13.95):The Lemon-aid Syrup is invigorating and perfect for people with oily hair. It works to remove build-up and leaves your scalp squeaky clean, meaning you can put off hair wash day.

Vitamin C Me (13.95): If your hair is damaged and in urgent need of TLC, this sweet orange oil-infused treatment is the one for you. Expect strong and silky hair after use.

Mint Condition (£13.95): For dry, itchy and sensitive scalps, this treatment is enriched with peppermint and tea tree oil which delivers a cool tingling sensation to the scalp to help remove impurities, calm itchiness and promote hair growth.

One of each, please.

How to use Hair Syrup for the best results?

The best thing about the TikTok-approved pre-wash is that it's too easy. Simply smother a generous amount of product to your roots and then to the mid-lengths and ends until your hair is fully coated. Then leave it on to work its magic for at least an hour before washing your hair as normal. Forever the overachiever, we like to leave ours on overnight (but be careful with expensive silk pillowcases!)

How often should you use Hair Syrup? Great question. The brand state on its social media that it depends on your hair type and condition but weekly is a great place to start and once your hair achieves Disney princess status, you can ease off and apply a few times a month.

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