India Reynolds talks wellness habits, body confidence and the £16 tinted moisturiser she swears by

The Love Island star shares her self-care Sunday must-haves...

India Reynolds - Self-care Sunday

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We love a bit of self-care and all this time at home has really given us an excuse to look after ourselves inside and out. Each week, we'll be asking the celeb lot to share their Sunday self-care routines, because taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

This week it's all about India Reynolds, the Love Island 2019 star who stormed to the final with Ovie Soko, despite only entering the villa just a few weeks before. She has since amassed almost a million Instagram followers and shares delicious vegan food recipes, interior inspo and of course, her adorable mini poodle Copper.

The model is also a proud ambassador for Pour Moi and has just launched her 5th(!)'India Loves'collection with the global lingerie and swimwear retailer.

India chats exclusively to heat about her self-care rituals, glowy make-up favourites and really great advice...

On self-care

India Reynolds

India is quite frankly the queen of self-care, so how would she spend her ideal relaxing Sunday?

"A perfect Sunday would be cooking for other people, I hate cooking for myself. So I would love to have someone over and spend the day casually cooking. No stress or rushing, just taking the time to cook something nice. I would take my dog out for a nice long walk, that's always my number one.

"My favourite thing to do in winter and I do this all the time, is getting ready for bed super early. So doing your skincare routine, getting in your pyjamas and just being ready super early and curling up on the sofa and watching something really girly. I've just finished Bridgerton and I absolutely loved it!"

Getting ready for bed at 5pm? Sounds like our kind of evening.

"There is absolutely nothing worse than chilling as soon as you get home from work and then at 10 pm you suddenly have to do this whole routine. I think it's so much more relaxing to do all that first and then chill."

What's India's must-have self-care product? Something that helps her feel ultra-zen?

"My friend bought me some Space Masks recently and I love them! You have to close your eyes. so you can't go on your phone and if you put them on just before you go to bed and they're really great for anxiety."

On skincare

"I used to be the worst person for skincare," India laughs, "I used to use face wipes, whack on a bit of Nivea and be good to go. My skin, I don't know how, was always absolutely fine. Then one day, it was like, 'Na babe, we're not having it anymore!' and I was getting breakouts. I've recently started a proper skincare routine and it's really working."

The model lovesObagi, AKA the medical skincare brand loved by the whole of Celebsville.

"I love theirexfoliating cleanser andmoisturiser .I also love theDermologica Pre Cleanse, which I use before the Obagi cleanser. I also love Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting Liquid Exfoliant, it's such a game-changer!"

On make-up favourites

"I'm actually away at the moment so I'm going for a summery glowy look. I never normally do glowy. I've just been using the Heliocare 360 Colour Gel Oil-Free SPF and then going in with the Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream"

Heliocare 360 Colour Gel Oil-Free SPF
Price: £16.50

"The other day I got sent the new Huda Beauty Cheeky Tint Blush Sticks and they're absolutely amazing. I've always been a bit scared of creamy make-up, but they are unbelievable. The highlight they give is incredible. I feel like blusher is everywhere now when a few years ago it was all about the bronzer and contour. I've had my eyebrows laminated recently, but I love the Benefit brow gelfor brushed up brows, I think it looks a bit more natural."

What about budget beauty favourites?

"I really like the[L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara {href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'}) and I've used it for absolutely years. I love it and it's so cheap.

On body confidence

India Reynolds for Pour Moi

Inds looks undeniably babein' modelling her collection with Pour Moi, but has she always felt body confident? And how can we feel more comfortable in our own skin?

"I haven't and it's unrealistic to every day look in the mirror and not want to wish things were a little different, but nowadays I spend a lot less time thinking about it. Your body is your body and you don't want to reach 80 and be like, 'why didn't I wear a bikini or nice underwear all because I hated my body?' You're only going to regret it. I think we sometimes spend too much time analysing ourselves.

"This is such a minor thing, but when I moved house, I made sure I don't have a mirror anywhere near where I get dressed. Before I'd get ready in my old house and sometimes I'd see a bad angle and start scrutinising. Whereas now, I don't. I'll get ready, check I look acceptable and then get on with my day.

"My favourite thing about Pour Moi is they make everyone feel good. So when we create the collection, we understand how different things can make different people feel great. It may be a comfy t-shirt bra for lounging around the house or could be a comfy set of pyjamas. A comfy pair of pyjamas are a must-have for a self-care day."

Her favourite piece from her newest collection? "Definitely the Orchid Embroidery Underwired Bustier. It's a longline bra so if you're an underwear as outerwear kind of gal then you could wear it with trousers and a blazer. Or if you wanted it for the bedroom, it also comes with a suspender set. We made the suspenders quite thick, because I think for a lot of women, especially if they've had children, their stomach may be their problem area. They want to be sexy but they don't want to get it fully out. So it gives you a bit of coverage if you're self-conscious about that area."

On podcasts


She's kept it on the downlow, but India has her very own podcast with friend Megan called Kids, Cocktails & Carnage. Spoiler alert - it is hilarious.

"We just talk about anything random, so if anyone's bored and wants to hear two girls rabbiting on..." India laughs, "It's on Spotify and we released an episode this week called 'Cute but Psycho' and loads of people sent in the worst thing they've ever done to a partner. I don't know if this is self-care or just toxic!

"I never used to listen to podcasts, but I live on my own so I now love having them on in the background. It feels like you have your friends there having a chat. I absolutely love Katherine Ryan's podcast. Telling Everybody Everything. She's absolutely hilarious. Also Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe's Parenting Hell podcast... I don't have any kids but they are so funny."

On daily wellness habits

"All my friends always laugh at me because I have like a million showers. I think it just gives you five or ten minutes where your not looking at your phone, you put a bit of music on in the bathroom, do your skincare routine and I just find it so relaxing. I'll have a shower when I get back from the gym and then before bed, I'll always have a shower. I just find it gives you a little five-minute break and reset to whatever's going on."

On really good advice


"The best bit of advice I've read recently actually comes from Katherine Ryan's book The Audacity and it's 'Never complain, never explain'. The book is so funny, if you haven't read it I really recommend it."

Quickfire round:

What show are you currently watching? The Ultimatum on Netflix... I mean, what is going on?!

How do you like your cuppa? I love a lemon and ginger tea with agave nectar.

Go-to loungewear brand? I love Pour Moi's pyjamas.

Favourite face mask? It's got to be Space Masks

Go-to takeaway order? Pho is always really good

Favourite candle? Zara Home or the Diptyque ones are lovely.

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