Judi Love talks great advice, DIY hair masks and the £4.99 cleanser she swears by

The Loose Women star shares her self-care Sunday favourites...

Judi Love

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We love a bit of self-care and all this time at home has really given us an excuse to look after ourselves inside and out. Each week, we'll be asking the celeb lot to share their Sunday self-care routines, because taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

This week it's all about Judi Love, the mum-of-two with a natural talent for making people feel good. After breaking into the comedy scene in 2012, Judi has starred on plenty of primetime telly shows including Loose Women, Strictly Come Dancing and most recently, Taskmaster.

Now Judi has teamed up with Very to launch her veryown curve collection and it's the antidote to often shapeless plus size ranges. Instead, Judi's range is colourful, sexy and all-around fabulous.

She tells heat, "It's been amazing that I've been able to work with Very on the smallest things, like the buttons or the shape of the arms and making sure it encompasses the individuality of women’s bodies."

Judi chats exclusively to heat about self-care routines, life-changing books and her DIY hair conditioning mask...

On self-care

Judi Love

Judi is one of the busiest people on telly right now, so how does she relax on a rare day off?

"I don't lie in anymore, It's such a shame but I've gone past that stage. However, I do lie still when I wake up as I find it calming and relaxing. When I get up, I like to take a long, relaxing soak in a bubble bath and I use Simple Moisturising Bath Cream on my skin.

"If I really want to get into that place of relaxing my mind, I go back to my favourite books that I love. That takes me to that place where I can reflect and I can have that moment to myself. If I have been busy, and I don't feel like I've spent time with the kids, I feel really anxious, so I try to factor in quality time with them. I love to cook and dance to music together. You can’t beat a bit of karaoke at home.

"I do like a lovely Sunday roast. We've got our favourite little pub that we go to and I like having that moment where have no TV, we chill together and play a board game. Old school Sundays, you know?"

Does Judi have an ultimate self-care product that ensures she feels zen?

"I don't have a particular product. If I'm honest with you. But for my skin and hair, I make my own organic aloe vera gel. I get a leaf from an aloe vera plant and I scrape out the gel into a bowl and I use it as a face mask or I mix aloe vera and coconut oil with egg and I’ll use it as a conditioner for my hair. It really helps restore the moisture.

"I always like to make sure that my nails look good. I had them long for when I went to Jamaica recently. If I’ve got a big week coming up with work. I make sure that I go 'full hog; glam with my nails and I will get a few (Shellac) diamanté ones. The price goes up, the more I get!"

On budget beauty buys

"I love Simple Purifying Face Wash. It’s basic but works so well in cleaning my skin."

On skincare

Aside from the cult-favourite Simple cleanser, what other skincare heroes does Judi swear by?

"Sunday Riley C.E.O Vitamin C Rich Hydration creamis great. It’s good for under the eyes, especially with the kind of work that I do and if I am working late. But really, I recommend coconut oil. I use it to take my makeup off and I use it in my hair. I eat it too! There's this thing that you can do where you get a tablespoon of coconut and you swoosh it around in your mouth for like five minutes. It cleans your tongue and throat and it makes your mouth clean glisten!"

Brb, off to buy a gallon of coconut oil.

On life-changing books

Judi Love

"The one book that changed my life is the self-help bookOne Day My Soul Just Opened Up by Yania Vanzant .She is an incredible woman. It just talks about her life and things that she's been through and there's a real cultural relation as a black woman who faced a lot of racism and trauma. She's not a spiritualist, but she's more of a motivational person and in the book, it has questions like, 'Where are you now?' 'What do you want to do?' 'Who are you?" Those kinds of things really provide a space for you to think.

"I first read it 12 years ago and I picked it up again recently when I was redecorating and all the stuff that I was fearful of/or wanting to do, I had mostly accomplished."

On daily wellness habits

Judi Love

"I like to box to get any stress out of my system but equally, I try and have five minutes to take a deep breath and then I get into the day. Sometimes it will be crazily busy but I just have to think," I'm so busy doing something that I love,...like having a new Very collection!"

On really great advice

"The conversations I have generally with people are about being grateful with what you have. It's hard for those who are not in a certain position, but I think it's just about being present and being in the now because, you know, things can change. I always tell myself. "I am happy to be here, I am healthy, I have lovely children and great opportunities to work with amazing people."

Quickfire round:

What show are you currently watching? I am watching Noughts and Crosses, obviously and Taskmaster. I also am loving Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix and Nollywood movies. Do you know what Nollywood movies are? They are Nigerian movies. When you look at how slick they are and the roles that are being played, they're really, really interesting.

How do you like your cuppa? The tea bag has to be held in there for quite some time. I like a bit of milk and it depends on what mood I am in but maybe I’ll have half a teaspoon of sugar as well.

Favourite face mask? I'm going to stick to the aloe vera face mask

Go-to takeaway order? Hakkasan. It’s a Chinese restaurant in Mayfair but is more known as a place to eat in but I do take away when I am filming.

Favourite candle? Diptyque’s Jasmin candlehas to be my favourite. It gives off the most amazing scent.

Judi Love's first fashion collection with Very is available to shop online here,

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