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loreal wonder water

by Aimee Jakes |

When I first heard of L'Oréal's Eight Second Wonder Water and how it was transforming tired hair across the pond, I knew I needed to try it. After reading countless reviews on how it made hair soft, silky and ultimately shine like a Love Islander's cheekbone, I had to try it.

And, when it finally arrived in the UK and was available on Amazon Prime, guess what, I had to try it.

The day has finally arrived and I am pleased to report that the experience was nothing short of magical. The Wonder Water definitely made my hair sparkle and noticeably softer. It's no Olaplex (more on that later) but all in all, I am encouraging all my pals to buy it.

Pssst! Hey- we've got good news. L'Oreal's Wonder Water is on sale right now at a variety of retailers, so you can snap it up with a cheeky discount.

Shop it at Lookfantastic (£5), Boots (£4.99) and Superdrug (£4).

Just thought you should know. Right, back to the review...

What actually is the L'Oreal 8 Minute Wonder Water?

©L'Oreal wonder water

It's essentially a liquid conditioning treatment (part of the Elvive Dream Lengths range) that promises to leave your hair 10x smoother with a 'glassy shine and a silky touch'. It's designed to be used as a rinse, in between your shampoo and condition and you only need to leave it on for eight seconds.

A time length we can fully get on board with, thank you L'Oreal.

It's recommended for long and damaged hair and L'Oreal was the first haircare brand in the United States to utilise Lamellar Water Technology. Essentially, the breakthrough ingredient targets only the damaged areas of your hair without over-coating or over-treating.

Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Wonder Water by L'Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths 8 Second Hair Treatment 200ml

How was L'Oreal's Wonder Water honestly?

Once I'd shampooed my hair I then started adding the product to my mid-lengths and ends. The bottle cleverly has indicators to highlight the recommended dose and the formula felt oily and watery at the same time.

I did feel an uncomfortable tingle on my scalp (probably best to keep to avoid your actual head) and even though the reviews wished it came in a spray bottle, rather than a nozzle top, I did find it easy-ish to apply without dropping most of it down the plug hole.

Not one to play by the rules, I left it on for 20 seconds wanting to make sure I reaped as much of the benefits as possible and when I was washing out the product, my hair felt as though it had just had a super-nourishing conditioning treatment. I followed with my trusty Redken Extreme Lengths Conditioner and then washed out as normal.

Post-shower, I normally treat my hair to a buffet of styling products (serums, protection sprays, leave-ins) but decided in the quest for a fair test, I should leave my hair NAKED.

I didn't blow-dry my hair as I was knackered and watching The Wire with my boyfriend (soz), so simply let it air dry. Normally a recipe for absolute disaster when it comes to frizz.

Despite neglecting the final stages of my hair care, I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

My hair definitely feels glossy, smooth and way more manageable. It didn't miraculously fix my split ends and my hair didn't feel stronger, more like it was wearing a very, VERY silky jacket. And the shine? Stunning.

So, if you are looking for something to fix the condition of your hair, a protein treatment like Olaplex may be more suited for you.

If you're looking for shiny, silky, can't-stop-touching hair for under a fiver you really can't go wrong. I have already bought two more bottles.

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