‘Mini Egg’ nails are a thing and we’re OBSESSED

Here's how to recreate the look at home

mini egg nails

by Ellen Kinsey |

Introducing 'mini egg' nails, the manicure trend that looks good enough to eat.

We're fully obsessed here at heatworld HQ. Perhaps it's because it reminds us that spring and Easter are finally here, or er, chocolate exists. Probably mainly chocolate.

This spring-inspired speckled eggshell nail art is not as tricky as it looks and even the most clumsy nail painters can do it.

That's our weekend plans sorted, then.

Mylee recently released a Speckled Matte No Wipe Top Coat and we are obsessed. You're able to apply this gorgeous mini-egg inspired topcoat over a base coat (we've got some amazing pastel shades below), 5-in-1 Builder GEL range, POLYGEL or Mygel colour. Cure for 120 seconds under a UV lamp, or 30-60 seconds under an LED lamp, and wham bam, thank you ma'am- you've got extra cute spring nails.

picture of mylee speckled top coat on nails

However, if you want to DIY the look yourself using what you've already got in your nail collection, or you haven't got a curing lamp at home, we got you boo.

Nail technician and Beauty Therapist, Aimee Purser Beauty gives us her expert tips on how to create these salon-worthy Easter egg nails, inspired by Cadbury Mini Eggs.

To get started you will need:

• A base coat

• 5 pastels for your background colours

• A brown/grey colour for the speckles

• A brown/grey colour for the speckles

• A nail pallet or small piece of foil

• A small dotting tool or toothpick

• A matte top coat

Step-by-step guide to cute easter egg nails

  1. Start by prepping your nail, file and shape it to your liking, push back and trim the cuticles and apply a base coat. Cure or allow to dry.
'Mini Egg' manicure
  1. Once your base coat has cured/dried, apple the first later of your background colour. I have gone for a gradient of bright spring pastels to mimic the colours of mini eggs. Cure this layer or allow it to dry.
'Mini Egg' manicure
  1. Once your first coat of colour has cured/dried, apply a second coat. You want your background to be a solid colour. Cure/allow it to dry. If you feel you need a more solid colour, you can repeat this step a third time.
'Mini Egg' manicure
  1. Put a little blob of brown and or grey polish on to a nail pallet or little piece of foil. I have used a brown and a taupe/grey and mixed the two.
'Mini Egg' manicure
  1. Using a small dotting tool, apply little dots and smudge to the nails to give a speckled effect. If you do not have a dotting tool a toothpick will work just as well. Cure or dry your speckled layer.
'Mini Egg' manicure
  1. Apply a matte top coat to the nails and cure/dry.
'Mini Egg' manicure
  1. Finish off with some cuticle oil and enjoy your mini egg inspired nails this Easter.
'Mini Egg' manicure

Here are some pastel hue nail polishes that you could use to create this cute Easter manicure.

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