Molly-Mae Hague’s all-time favourite skincare gadget has 50% off this Black Friday

It's so good, she bought one for her sister for her birthday...

Molly Mae Foreo

by Aimee Jakes |

When it comes to achieving Really Great Skin, best believe we will try anything. We're talking futuristic LED masks, collagen supplements and trying not to scroll on TikTok until silly o'clock (a work in progress!) all with the aim of getting a natural gleam that would rival the cast of Made In Chelsea.

Despite being seven months pregnant, Molly-Mae Hague has generously let us in our her secret for undeniably glowy skin. Whispers: The Foreo UFO 2 device.

This nifty gadget (which does actually look like an adorable UFO) is the ultimate upgrade for the bog-standard sheet mask. You simply slot in your chosen mask and rub the device across your face for two minutes whilst it delivers LED light, thermo-therapy, cyro-therapy and advanced T-sonic pulsations for the ultimate, could-be-professional at-home facial treatment. PHEW.

Molly-Mae shared her love for the FOREO UFO2 in a 'get ready with me' YouTube video and said: "This honestly has to be one of the nicest devices or products I have ever ever used. It's a luxurious way of giving yourself a facial basically."

"I probably use this too much, I am probably giving myself too many pampers a week with this thing because it is that incredible."

"I've put three of my friends on this now and I actually bought one for my sister for her birthday."

A glowing review if we ever heard one.

The device isn't cheap and has a RRP of £249, however, we are chuffed to report its HALF PRICE at just £124 in the Black Friday sale. Not the cheapest celebrity recommendation we've ever heard, but a really great investment if you fancy yourself as bit of a skincare queen.

Molly-Mae isn't the only celebrity fan of the FOREO UFO 2 and other fans include Rita Ora and TOWIE's Lydia Bright.

Lydia exclusively opened up about her love for the skincare gadget during heat's Self-Care Sunday and said: "If I have a rare evening off, I love using the FOREO UFO2. It's so hydrating for skin, you can experiment with different masks and it only takes two minutes."

The gadget comes in four colours and has hundreds of five star reviews online from chuffed customers. Brb, adding it too our Christmas list...

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