This ‘game-changing’ £12 hair growth oil has the whole of TikTok talking

It's so good, it's already been viewed over 25 million times...

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by Aimee Jakes |

Long, thick hair has always been #goals, but thanks to erm, some 'external' factors (read: money piece highlights and going OTT with the hair straighteners) our tresses are frazzled, broken and a little sad looking. A bit like us after a big night out, come to think of it.

Luckily the TikTok community have found a magical elixir for ridiculously long hair and it's a classic beauty hack that's proven its effectiveness time and time again. In fact, the hashtag #rosemaryoil has already received over 135 million views on the video-sharing platform. Blimey.

Please enter Amazon's Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil (£12.29).

The ultra-effective oil is light enough to be used daily and contains 30 essential oils and nutrients, including jojoba and eucalyptus oil, as well as biotin, a well-known holy grail for hair, skin and nails.

Of course, rosemary oil is nothing new and has been widely known to accelerate hair growth especially once massaged into the scalp. It has antibacterial benefits and is a great nourishing treatment for dry, brittle tresses.

TikToker and great hair advocate @thehealthyhur shared her scalp oiling routine online which has already amassed over 381k likes.

She explains, "I take the Mielle Rosemary Oil and I put it all over my whole head. I massage it for about three minutes and then I sleep on it. I put a silk cap on and I go to bed."

Meanwhile, @karlagonzalezxo credited the Amazon oil as she 'grew back her post-partum hair loss in ONE month'. Blimey.

She shares how she applies it generously to the scalp and leaves it on to do its business overnight. Just like maaagic 🎶

@mytype4hair_ shared her ultimate hair growth hack using the Mielle Oil and stressed the importance of applying the product directly to the scalp. Oh, hun. Noted.

For anyone still sceptical of a TikTok-endorsed beauty product, Amazon is also awash with rave reviews from chuffed customers.

One wrote, "I’ve recommended this miracle in a bottle to all my postpartum friends! I personally have been struggling with hair loss since having my second child so I did some research and came across Mielle and well… I’m obsessed! I use it once a week and low and behold it works!!!"

Another added. "This product is amazing for my scalp. I have noticed results already after only using it a couple of times. My scalp feels much healthier which is increasing hair growth and my hair has never felt softer."

Brb, off to slather our scalp in rosemary oil.

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