TikTok is obsessed with this ‘sexy’ £15 perfume which ‘lasts over 12 hours’

"I always get compliments when I wear this"

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by Aimee Jakes |
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A spritz of the right fragrance can complete an outfit and make you feel (and of course, smell!) expensive. However, you've truly hit the jackpot when your expensive-smelling perfume is not very expensive at all.

New fragrance brand on the block Thomson Carter London is here to do exactly that: provide 'aspirational luxury' not in the price tag, but the whole shopping experience. The boldly British brand stocks out-of-this-world scents at a fraction of high-end prices.

I tested their new, highly-rated fragrance 'Rouge Avenue' which is packed with delicious notes of pink pepper, jasmine and cedar. Alluring, romantic and slightly autumnal, it's something I would wear to impress someone over a glass of Pinot on date night. It smells expensive. 💅

I was impressed that the perfume came in a gorgeous gifting box, complete with a little perfume pillow! It's the little things. Not bad for a fragrance which starts at £15.

It's also designed to be addictive and I can really vouch for that. In fact, I have worn it every day since it arrived, despite owning a pretty decent perfume collection already (the perks of working in beauty).

For my favourite part? The perfume is made to last. There is nothing I hate more than spending £80+ on a new perfume, for it to evaporate into nothing before I've even left the house. With Thomson Carter fragrances, each spritz promises to hang around, lasting over 12 hours. Now, that's the perfume projection I deserve!

I'm not the only one telling all my friends about Thomson Carter London, TikTok is also obsessing over the fragrance brand.

TikToker @Jaimie shared with fans, "This smells sweet, musky, but so expensive. People will smell you before they literally see you when you walk in. I always get so many compliments when I wear this on a night out."

She also confirmed in the comment section that is smells 'similar to Bacorrat Rouge'.

The luxe-smelling perfume has had hundreds of reviews online with one customer sharing how they wish they purchased a bigger bottle.

They wrote, ‘I really love the smell of these, Rouge Avenue in particular. I have had lots of comments on how nice I smell, will be getting 100ml next time.’

The perfume retails for £15 for 10ml bottle, £50 for 50ml and £80 for 100ml. Run don't walk and thank me later.

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