Zara McDermott shares her skincare secrets for ‘clear skin’ including THIS £9 face oil

Her routine is surprisingly affordable...

Zara McDermott

by Srushti Telang |
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Love Island star, influencer and owner of incredible skin, Zara McDermott has finally dropped her entire skincare routine 'for clear skin' on TikTok and it's GOOD. Honestly, we hope you're ready to take notes.

The star shared to her 396k followers how she 'switched up her skincare six months ago' and has found some bargain skincare products that she 'literally cannot live without'.

“My skin has been looking very clear at the moment and it has done for a really long time. This is not an ad by the way, this is literally what I use every day,” she told explained in the chatty video.

One of the heroes from her routine is Bio Oil (£9), which is a celeb favourite and counts Olivia Bowen, Charlotte DawsonandLove Island's Shannon Singh as fans.

She continued, "It's so inexpensive and it's honestly amazing, I truly swear by this. So, I literally just take like a 50p size amount and then rub it into my skin over the really dry areas, on my forehead and then down my neck... and then I look like a shiny disco ball!"

Essentially, if you don't look like a shiny disco ball after your skincare routine, you're doing it wrong.

“I look so shiny early in the morning, it’s ridiculous, but after like an hour, it sinks into my skin,” she added.

The other products mentioned in her video include the Byonik View Eye Cream, Medik8 Vitamin C Serum, and the Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Serum .

For moisturiser, Zara switches between the affordable CeraVe SA Smoothening Cream with Salicylic Acid and Eucerin UreaRepair Rich Replenishing Face Cream , the latter of which is a slightly heavier consistency.

Another massive skincare tip that Zara swears by is washing her hands thoroughly before moving onto her skincare. She also said that wiping your phone with an antibacterial wipe is a must. “The thought of touching my phone, then touching my face,” made her proceed to visibly cringe, and you know she’s talking serious business because of that.

These never-failing products can be something we can take on board and add to our own skincare routine. @the_dummyblondes on TikTok commented under the video, “Was expecting you to drop designer products and you gave me reality and affordable.”

Who doesn’t love reality and affordable? BRB, off to shop the lot.

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