Love Island’s Indiyah launches noughties-inspired edit with PLT and discusses ‘very surreal’ journey


Indiyah Polack modelling new collection with PrettyLittleThing

by Scott Wells |

Love Island's Indiyah Polack is back with an epic launch of her first edit on PLT Marketplace.

Following on from her big announcement in September of teaming up with PrettyLittleThing on their brand new resale app, Indiyah has worked hard to serve up the best curation of everything we want in our wardrobes.

Consisting of 108 vintage pieces which were all hand-picked by the babe herself, this is one collection we can’t wait to dive into. Indiyah has thrown herself into this range by embodying her signature cool-girl style with items such as oversize band tee’s, authentic leather jacks in a mixture of trench and bomber styles and reworked denim.

Indiyah Polack modelling oversize jumper and denim skirt

But not only has she chosen the items, but she has also customised many. For example, turning mini dresses into playful co-ords and baggy sweats into oversize crop tops which are perfect for party season.

Indiyah sat down with us to chat all about the new edit and the journey she has been on with the brand.

Congratulations, how does it feel to have your campaign with PrettyLittleThing?

Really excited. It’s all happened so fast but it’s so nice to see how things are turning out and all the things that have been in my head come to life.

Indiyah Polack modelling white skirt with leather jacket

Can you explain the process of how you go from initial ideas to choosing what goes on the platform?

With this whole edit I went to this huge warehouse and picked out loads of vintage items and I made it clear that I wanted to rework and rewear a lot of them. I wanted to have a mixture of pieces in there for example oversize styles, denim, leather jackets and I kept some of the stuff the same with basic oversize t-shirts. I think it’s quite important to make my collection inclusive and have something for everyone. No matter your shape or size, if you’re a smaller girl that likes to wear oversize or if you’re a plus girl there’s absolutely something in the collection for you. It’s gone from picking stuff to reworking, and now when I shoot the campaign, I’m going to style the pieces together to create really cool outfits. It’s been really good and quite surreal to go from nothing to an idea and then to see it complete.

Did you do or include anything different with the second campaign that you didn’t with the first?

This is my first real campaign with the brand besides the announcement of our partnership so now it’s got to the point where people can see what I’m going to do and that will show people my vintage selects and how I rework stuff. With the vintage pieces I’ve picked, it’s still very much me and shows off my style. Anyone that goes onto the platform to buy something for themselves, but it’s my style as well.

Indiyah Polack modelling brown leather jacket and white trousers

Can you explain how the platform works to those who haven’t heard about it before?

The PLT Marketplace platform is basically an app where you can upload items that you’ve worn, it doesn’t have to just be PLT pieces. You can go on there and find stuff for yourself, friends, family and come across things you’d like to wear. Sometimes you can’t find something you’d want to wear, or you may have stuff in your wardrobe that you brought ages ago but don’t like anymore so you can put all these types of items on there. Also, anything that you already have on your PLT account, you can link with the marketplace app and it automatically uploads so you don’t have to do it from scratch.

What is it like being part of the PLT squad?

It’s amazing. Being part of the PLT squad is very surreal as I’ve had so much control so even for my announcement and my shoot I did to go along with it I got to direct and style myself. I am really lucky and blessed to be with the team. Anything that comes to my mind, they try and make it happen. It’s insane, I’m very grateful and happy to be part of a team that understands me and manages my expectations because they can be high sometimes, but it’s great and I love being really hands-on and I don’t think people really realise that, they just think we sign up with the brand, but everything has been fully me and my ideas.

Indiyah Polack modelling blue biker outfit

What is your favourite piece you’ve selected to be on the platform?

There are too many to choose from, but if I had to, there is a really nice leather jacket in there. It’s a biker-style jacket and I really like it because the quality of it is insane! I think leather jackets have so much character as they can come from years back and it just shows you how someone else would wear it but it’s actually a uniform piece.

What advice can you offer when it comes to rewearing/ restyling something from your wardrobe?

As much as this is my edit and my collection, always go with items that align with you. If you know you’re someone that likes to wear oversize, baggy t-shirts, they’re a good pick and you can match them with a lot of stuff. For example, you can dress up a baggy tee with boots or dress down with trainers. So I would say to anybody, pick something that you know you will get a lot of wear out of. I have tried to pick all of my clothes with that in mind to make my wardrobe sustainable and not throw them away after a few wears.

Indiyah Polack modelling leather trench coat

With us going into Autumn/Winter, how do you get your wardrobe ready for the transition?

I simply pick out of all of the crop tops and replace them with jumpers. With me, when it comes to changing my wardrobe I still leave out some things so I can have options as you never know what the weather will be like. For example, if it’s not that cold out I will wear a crop top and jeans but pair it with a trench coat for cover. Start small and leave out things that you can throw over and layer with other items when needed. Living in London you definitely can’t predict what the weather will be.

You can shop Indiyah’s brilliant edit now via the PLT Marketplace app which can be downloaded on any app store. The range starts from £10 with items being available from XS-XXL.

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