Great British Bake Off 2022: where to buy Noel Fielding’s shirts

The GBBO host's clothes are a treat for the eyes but often SPENNY. Here are the originals as well as affordable dupes.

Noel Fielding shirts where to buy

by Jade Moscrop |

Undoubtedly one of the many things Noel Fielding blesses us with on Great British Bake Off is his eclectic collection of shirts and jumpers. From his sense of humour to his style, there’s no one who does it quite like Noel.

Having stepped in to take over the reins on The Great British Bake Off in 2017, The Mighty Boosh star has constantly dazzled us with his wit, charm and, of course, his amazing style.

We're already buzzing to see Noel's latest and greatest attire in this year's 2022 series. Who else is in love with the butterfly sweater he wore in episode one?

Want to emulate his style and rep GBBO?

Here’s where you can get Noel Fielding's exact shirts and jumpers, as well as some pretty similar alternatives and Noel-inspired options, in case they're super-duper expensive or sold out.

CHECK OUT: Noel Fielding's best shirts and jumpers from The Great British Bake Off 2022


Noel's best shirts from The Great British Bake Off

Noel's Black and Yellow Tie Dye Jumper (Week 10, Finale)
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CREDIT: channel 4

Well, folks, that's another brilliant series of GBBO over for the year, and we want to say a big congrats to the 2022 winner Syabira! We also want to thank Noel for bringing out all the stops with his final jumper.

EXACT MATCH: MSGM 'Sunshine' Sweater (£158, was £394) SOLD OUT

DUPE: ASOS Nike 'Have a Nike Day' Embroidered Tie-Dye Sweatshirt in Washed Gold (£42, was £69.95)

Noel Fielding's Large Red Flower Jumper (Week Nine)
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CREDIT: @bakeoff

It was a tense semi-final this week, with Noel leaving the tent altogether at some point. He is a loveable nuisance after all. Although the original Yohji Yamamoto jumper is out of stock, we've got a similar print from the same brand, as well as some more low-price replicas.

SIMILAR TO EXACT: YOHJI YAMAMOTO Floral-Print Wool Jumper (£522, was £652)

DUPE: Ted Baker Floesa Flower Sweat (£55, was £110)

DUPE: Oasis Cosy Statement Floral Jacquard Jumper (£35, was £59)

Noel's Black and Green Floral Jungle Shirt (Week Eight)
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CREDIT: channel 4

While we still wonder where Janusz's eighth spring roll went, we've got a link to Noel's original Edward Crutchley floral shirt, as well as a more affordable dupe.

EXACT MATCH: Edward Crutchley Floral Print Spread Collar Shirt (£265, was £530)

DUPE: River Island Green Slim Fit Floral Print Long Sleeve Shirt (£37)

Noel's Bella Freud 1970 Yellow Jumper (Week Seven)
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CREDIT: channel 4

Noel loves a bit of Bella Freud, and we've got a link to buy the original from Selfridges, as well as two more affordable dupes that give the same Freudian energy (...ok wait scratch that.)

EXACT MATCH: Bella Freud 1970 Yellow Oversized Jumper (£335)

DUPE: Etsy Personalized Monogram Sweater, Custom Made (£170.04 +)

DUPE: Not On The High Street Personalised 'Year' Unisex Sweatshirt (£34.95)

Noel's Skeleton Bones Onesie (Week Six)
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CREDIT: channel 4

For this week's Halloween episode, Noel wore this iconic Skeleton onesie that frankly, our inner goth girl would wear every day whilst WFH, not just in the spooky season. Here's the original so you can live your emo dreams.

EXACT MATCH: mymixtrendz Women's One Piece Jumpsuit Skeleton (£14.99)

Noel's Blue Buggy Bear Sweater (Week Five)
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CREDIT: channel 4

It's fair to say we're beyond obsessed with the sweater Noel wore in last night's episode, and had to know where to get our hands on it immediately.


DUPE: ASOS Only Teddy Bear Jumper in Green (£25.60, was £32)

DUPE: ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Plus Jumper with Gummy Bear Print (£22, was £35.99)

Noels Blue & Pink Zebra Shirt (Week Four)
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CREDIT: channel 4

Noel dazzled this week with a zebra and pink cowboy boot combo. Both his original shirt and boots are now sold out, but we've got some worthwhile dupes that are just as fabulous.

EXACT MATCH: Waxman Brothers All-Over Zebra-Print Shirt (£175) | RARE Metallic Pink Santiag 40 Western Cowboy Boots (£825)

DUPE: ASOS DESIGN Deep Revere Shirt in Multi Colour Zebra Print (£22.40, was £28)

DUPE: Etsy Vegan Cowboy Western Custom Made Boots, Pink (£67.50, was £75)

Noel's Rainbow Star Jumper (Week Three)
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CREDIT: channel 4

This week was bread week, and apart from witnessing some...interesting pizza creations, we witnessed Noel's fabulous rainbow star jumper. The original, from Any Old Iron, can currently be bought on the US site, but we've got some UK dupes that match the colourful starry vibes.

EXACT MATCH: Any Old Iron Color Star Sweatshirt (US site, £164), UK site (£277)

DUPE: Wallis Rainbow Triple Star Jumper (£18, was £45)

DUPE: Monsoon Bright Sequin Star Jumper with Recycled Polyester Blue (£48, was £65)

Noel's Mohair Green & Black Striped Jumper (Week Two)
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CREDIT: channel 4

During episode two, Noel wore this mohair jumper from his favourite brand Bella Freud. Noel has expensive taste, he's one classy fella. We've got the original as well as an exact replica at more than half the price.

EXACT MATCH: Bella Freud Truman Stripe Mohair Jumper (green is currently out of stock but a blue version is available for £375 here)

DUPE: Urban Outfitters The Ragged Priest Chain Stripe Jumper (£42, was £60)

DUPE: Emmiol Crew Neck Striped Knit Sweater in Green (£52.98)

Noel's Butterfly Graphic Sweater (Week One)
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CREDIT: channel 4

Noel started the episode with a bang- this beautiful graphic jumper from Alexander McQueen. We've got a link to buy the originals, as well as two more affordable dupes.

EXACT MATCH: MCQ Black 'Positive Earth' Sweater (£297, was £430)

DUPE: ASOS Stradivarius Pattern Jumper with Butterfly Graphic (£17, was £27.99)

DUPE: Cider Butterfly Pattern Sweater (£24.90)

Want more looks? Here are some of Noel Fielding's most iconic shirts from previous series' of The GBBO


Great British Bake Off: Noel's best shirts

Noel's Pink Crew Neck Jumper With Smiley Face Print
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CREDIT: channel 4

The iconic pink smiley jumper that Noel wore for the opening episode of season five of the GBBO is still available in pink and yellow on I Saw It First. Cute. The pink cardigan is available here for £15.

EXACT MATCH: I Saw It First Pink Crew Neck Jumper With Smiley Face Print (£22, was £30)

Noel's Alexander McQueen Skull Print Cotton Shirt
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CREDIT: channel 4

This Alexander Mcqueen Skull Print Cotton Shirt is the one that Noel wore during pastry week back in the day.

EXACT MATCH: Cettire Alexander McQueen Skull-Print Shirt (£722.34)

Noel's Red and White Striped Jumper
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CREDIT: channel 4

Fans were quick to compare Noel's jumper to the Where's Wally character, and we're so here for this unusual style inspo. It comes from one of Noel's favourite designers, Bella Freud, but it's now sold out. There is, however, a version available in yellow thanks to Selfridges.

EXACT MATCH: Selfridges Bella Freud Striped Oversized Mohair-Blend Jumper (£375)

Noel's Bella Freud 1970 Jumper
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CREDIT: channel 4

Noel graced us with this amazing Bella Freud 1970 Mohair Jumper in Petrol Blue. It's sold out in this colour, but there are plenty of other colours available- including in black or red on the Selfridges website...

EXACT MATCH: Selfridges Bella Freud 1970 Merino Wool Jumper (£310)

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Who is presenting The Great British Bake Off 2022?

The show's original hosts Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc, as well as judge Mary Berry, jumped ship when the show left the Beeb. They were replaced with comedian Noel Fielding and actor and director Sandi Toksvig. A peculiar choice, perhaps, but Sandi and Noel were the unlikely presenting duo from heaven and totally worked.

In January 2020, it was announced that Sandi was quitting her role, amid reports she was “unhappy” at work and had been “desperate to leave for ages”. Tea ☕️👀.

Subsequently, Sandi was replaced by comedian Matt Lucas, and he and Noel presented the 2021 series pretty successfully. Noel and Matt have now returned to present GBBO 2022, and we are so excited to see them be extra silly together.

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