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Calling all alcohol-free warriors

best non alcoholic drinks

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Sick of writing off a Sunday? Check out the best drinks that have the fun factor without the flippin' horrible hangover.

If your sober October has been extended, your dry January is still going string, or you've vowed to stay off the booze for good, we salute you. But it can be a bit daunting to figure out how you'll manage without the bubbly stuff.

Luckily there are a tonne of great options out there and the no and low alcohol drink market has come on leaps and bounds recently.

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The best non-alcoholic drinks

Tanqueray Alcohol Free 0.0%1 of 29
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Tanqueray Alcohol Free 0.0%

Tanqueray is practically a staple of British drinking culture at this point, which is why it's so hard to say goodbye to the booze come dry Jan and sober October. Now, thanks to the GODS at the Tanqueray factory (wherever that may be), you can get the sweet juniper-y nectar without the alcohol. With a squeeze of lemon and lashings of tonic, reader, we promise you you'll be fooled. It's just as good at the strong stuff, without the regrettable hangover.

Heineken 0.0 Alcohol Free Lager2 of 29

Heineken 0.0 Alcohol Free Lager

An OG in the alcohol-free sector, Heineken 0.0 is by no means a new addition to your local supermarket. Yep, it's not a surprising addition to this list but, what you might find surprising is that a hefty chunk of people actually prefer Heineken's 0.0 offering to their full whack alcoholic beer. For us, it's one of the best beer replica's without the booze and, at £4, it's also one of the biggest bargains, too. Plus, did you know it's now available on draught? Yep, if you're lucky you might be able to find your fave 0% beer on tap - a first in the pub world.

ZAG Alcohol Free Drink3 of 29

ZAG Alcohol Free Drink

ZAG is a non-alcoholic alternative to beer, offering itself up as an adult take on soft drinks. It's made from a mix of lemon, mint, green tea, cucumber and kombucha, and is free from artificial sweeteners (and keeps you free from hangovers). The resulting flavour is super refreshing, zingy, full of life and delicious. It's a perfect chilled drink to have at home, in the garden or when you're out in the great outdoors.

Momo-Kombucha4 of 29
CREDIT: Momo Kombucha

Momo Kombucha

This delicious kombucha has a slight beery tase but is also hella good for your gut, meaning your microbiome and your mind will thank you. It's made in small batches by a small company and their commitment to sustainability is quite literally second to none in the UK kombucha world. We're sold. Price is for a case of six.

Low and No Discovery Case5 of 29
CREDIT: Beer Hawk

Low and No Discovery Case

If you've ever ordered from Beer Hawk before, you'll know it's a brand that casts its net far and wide for the best IPAs, ales and lagers. Naturally, their no and low alcohol discovery beer box is much the same, with brand favourites like Welsh brewery Tiny Rebel, as well as some more niche selections like Tundra from Estonia's Pohjala brewery. Each is as refreshing as the last, and the sheer variety will keep your taste buds tingling as you cut back your consumption.

Double Dutch Premium Mixers6 of 29

Double Dutch Premium Mixers

Double Dutch offers a range of premium tonic mixers that add a splash of boujee goodness to gins and vodkas. HOWEVER, it turns out it's just as tasty sans the hard stuff. Go for the Cucumber & Watermelon for freshness, Pomegranate & Basil for some herbal grandness or Cranberry & Ginger for a fruity treat.

Infinite Session Alcohol Free India Pale Ale Low Calorie Craft Beer (IPA, Case of 12)7 of 29
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Infinite Session Alcohol Free India Pale Ale Low Calorie Craft Beer (IPA, Case of 12)

One of the most intriguing no alcohol beers we've tried, Infinite Session IPA tastes, in our opinion, like a beer-seltzer hybrid and so, naturally, it's as low calorie as a seltzer, too. Yep, at just 36 cals a can, it won't set your health back a notch and, with a lighter flavour than some of its competitors, it's arguably more refreshing. In the same way that a can of La Croix tastes like less pungent lemonade, Infinite IPA tastes like a more delicate and lighter beer. Definitely one to try.

Community.Co Zero Alcohol Sparkling White and Rose NV8 of 29
CREDIT: Virgin Wines

Community.Co Zero Alcohol Sparkling White and Rose NV

Community.Co's sparkling wines are just the booze-free tipple you need to distinguish the end of the working day and the start of your evening. More of a refined flavour than Shloer, but with less depth than a glass of vino, both the white and rose varieties are lovely to sip on as a refreshing sundowner. If you fancy more of a kick, we mixed the sparkling white with a measure of Tuscan Tree non alcoholic aperitif (see below) and a dash of sparkling water - deliciosa.

Days Alcohol Free Lager9 of 29
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Days Alcohol Free Lager

If you like the taste of alcohol-free Moretti and want to support a smaller business, then Days non-alcoholic lager will be the serve for you. The bottles come in at less than £2 each and, fresh from the fridge, you'll struggle to notice the lack of alcohol. One online review even claimed "you very quickly forget there's no booze," so why not put them to the test ud83eudd28.

Coffee Originale10 of 29
CREDIT: Lyre's

Coffee Originale

Now, if you taste Lyre's Coffee Originale on its own, you might not be wowed but, as the brand themselves warn, "Lyre's comes best to life when lovingly crafted in a cocktail." This statement could not be more true of their Coffee Originale and, when mixed with freshly poured espresso, the brand's accompanying white cane spirit and a dash of vanilla syrup, you'd be hard pressed not to enjoy the combination. It really is a solid dupe for the real deal.

Clean G Rhubarb Gin Alternative11 of 29
CREDIT: Clean co,

Clean G Rhubarb Gin Alternative

The ever-faithful rhubarb gin, literally you can't go wrong. Now you can recreate your fave summer drink with this non-alcoholic Rhubarb Gin Spritz, thanks to CleanCo's low-calorie, low-sugar alternative. Bursting with fruity rhubarb, juniper, and citrus with a subtle hint of coriander, mint and cinnamon, who says you'll be missing out?

Tuscan Tree Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo Spirit12 of 29
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Tuscan Tree Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo Spirit

Shut the front door because we cannot BELIEVE that this aperitif isn't the real deal (AHEM Aperol...). Seriously, take a measure of this, a measure of alcohol-free sparkling white wine/prosecco and top with sparkling water or soda water et voila - you'll be hard pressed to find a difference between it and an Aperol spritz.

Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol Free Red Wine13 of 29
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Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol Free Red Wine

Making a red wine rich and robust without the alcohol is a hard ask, but Eisberg have come preeetty close with their Cabernet Sauvingnon. It doesn't taste like grape juice (praise the Lord), and it accompanies a meal perfectly. In an ideal world it'd be a tad thicker and perhaps more bitter to remind the drinker of the missing alcohol, but generally speaking, colour us impressed.

Vallformosa Alcohol Free Cava14 of 29
CREDIT: The Wise Bartender

Vallformosa Alcohol Free Cava

A tad more expensive than some similar offerings on the market, Vallformosa has tried to replicate a Cava in its non-alcoholic offering rather than the standard prosecco (hey, Nozeco) and, if you ask us, it does taste less apple-y than its prosecco copy counterparts. It is also more sweet than a Cava usually is, but a lovely afterwork tipple (without the, err, tipple) and one we'd happily drink again.

Mockingbird Non-alcoholic Agave Spirit15 of 29
CREDIT: Master of Malt

Mockingbird Non-alcoholic Agave Spirit

Mockingbird's alcohol-free agave spirit is allegedly a tequila alternative. For us, we wouldn't say it's quite like an anejo replica; however, with its sweet, almost bubblegum-esque flavour, we would compare it to a tequila sunrise. While it's certainly a booze alternative, at its rather hefty price tag, Mockingbird has got to have some other benefits, right? Well, reader, you're in luck. Mockingbird's agave spirit is actually compiled of part ashwagandha, which helps to manage stress and anxiety and, as a result, means that it's not only a hangover-free drink, but also one that will actively work to improve your wellbeing - pretty cool, eh?

Pentire Adrift 70cl16 of 29
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Pentire Adrift 70cl

Another excellent choice for gin-lovers, this distilled, botanical, non-alcoholic spirit tastes clean and zesty. It's infused with rock samphire, sage, citrus and Cornish sea salt - all fine pairings for a plain tonic and some strips of citrus fruit.

Bottlegreen Bramble Presse 750ml17 of 29
CREDIT: Sainsbury's

Bottlegreen Bramble Presse 750ml

Elderflower cordial is a mainstay in any non-alcoholic drink, but its not always the right pick for a winter tipple. Elderflower king Bottlegreen has released this warming new presse that'll look lovely in fluted glasses with a few cranberries floating on top.

Nosecco Alcohol Free 75cl18 of 29
CREDIT: Morrisons

Nosecco Alcohol Free 75cl

You don't have to feel left out of the cork-popping with this fabulous sparkling Nosecco. It tastes light and bubbly with notes of white grapes and flowers. Delish, tbh.

Sea Buckthorn 500ml19 of 29
CREDIT: Bax Botanics

Sea Buckthorn 500ml

If you love a good G&T, you'll love this non-alcoholic spirit by Bax Botanics. Fragrant herbs, berries and Seville oranges create a complex, bittersweet fruit profile in this no-sugar, no-sweetener drink. Serve with tonic, ice and a slice of fresh orange.

Lervig No Worries alcohol free beer20 of 29
CREDIT: Beer Merchants

Lervig No Worries alcohol free beer

Tasteless alcohol-free beer is a thing of the past with this tasty, refreshing pale ale from Lervig. The Norwegian beer has a pleasant, malty taste and the can wouldn't look out of place in a trendy bar.

Jukes Cordialities Tasting Box21 of 29

Jukes Cordialities Tasting Box

This alcohol-free tasting box is more a gift than a drinks and nibbles option. It contains nine 30ml bottles of alcohol-free cordials that make a delicious replacement for wine, as well as in-depth tasting notes.

Lucky Saint - 12 X 330ml Bottles22 of 29
CREDIT: Lucky Saint

Lucky Saint - 12 X 330ml Bottles

This boujee-looking low alcohol beer is a firm favourite among non-drinkers. It's made from pilsner malt, giving it a lovely fresh taste not dissimilar to your classic alcoholic pils.

Light & Zesty, Caleu00f1o Drinks23 of 29
CREDIT: Caleu00f1o Drinks

Light & Zesty, Caleño Drinks

Transport yourself on hols with this light and zesty blend of tropical, citrus and spice botanicals. The non-alcoholic spirit also features the unique golden Inca berry and is inspired by the rhythms and colours of Columbia. Simply pour over tonic and ice, sit back and dream of holidays.

Fluu00e8re floral blend Non-Alcoholic spirit, 70cl24 of 29
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Fluère floral blend Non-Alcoholic spirit, 70cl

If you're looking for something that'll look nice in your drinks cabinet (or shelf, trolley etc...) then Fluère is the answer to your non-alcoholic prayers. This gin alternative is infused with coriander, juniper, lavender and lime peel for a complex taste with that unique alcoholic bite, without the booze.

Clean Co Clean G Pink25 of 29

Clean Co Clean G Pink

The brainchild of Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews, CleanCo creates delicious, full-flavoured alternatives to your favourite full-strength spirits. There's a range of flavours available, but you can't beat a pink G&T. It has just 13 calories per 50ml serving and tastes delicious.

Savyll Tasting Pack - Alcohol-Free Cocktails (Case of 6 x 250ml Cans)26 of 29
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Savyll Tasting Pack - Alcohol-Free Cocktails (Case of 6 x 250ml Cans)

If you or your non-drinking guests are more from the cocktail persuasion, you'll need to stock up on some pretty good mocktails. This tasting pack from Savyll contains all the classics - a mojito, bellini and a g&t for your sipping pleasure.

Nine Elms No.18 Bottling Note27 of 29
CREDIT: Master of Malt

Nine Elms No.18 Bottling Note

This non-alcoholic tipple gets its name from Nine Elms in London, where it's produced. No.18 is the first in a series of releases from the distillery specially designed to complement food - perfect for a Sunday roast. The idea is to sip the botanical drink neat alongside your meal, but a splash of tonic would do nicely too.

Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Italian Spritz28 of 29
CREDIT: Master of Malt

Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Italian Spritz

Non-drinkers don't have to miss out on trendy spritzy drinks (Aperol, we're looking at you...). This Italian tipple has that classic bittersweet orange taste, perfect for pairing with some Nosecco and soda water with a big wedge of fresh orange.

best non alcoholic drinks29 of 29
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Mocktails The Vida Loca Mockarita

Everyone loves a margarita with the gals. What everyone doesn't love, is the inevitable drunk babble and crippling hangover that comes with them. Mocktails have come up with the refreshing solution in their oh-so-zesty mockarita and, if you decant (we're fancy like that) it into a nice coupe or cocktail glass, you'll feel the same Mexican spirit, just without the actual, well, spirit.


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