You can now buy gin made from ‘f***boy tears’ and it’s perfect for Galentine’s Day

A whole mood, tbh


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Mythical Spirits have relaunched their famous'f-ckboy tears' gin liqueurand honestly we're living for it.

If you've had an experience with a f-ckboy (think: ghosting, late-night DMers, commitment-phobic and more) then you can now quite literally (kinda) drink their tears on a Friday night. Who said 2022 was all that bad?

The Insta-friendly pink bottle is even decorated in crying men. One to crack open for your next sesh with the besties, eh?

Mythical Spirits hilariously adds how they "utilised their secret emotion harvesting techniques to make those beasts cry. And then bottled their tears for you. And amazingly, all that sweet retribution turned their pathetic tears into a juicy, passion fruit and mango flavoured shimmering gin liqueur."

What's more, you can buy a bottle for just £14.99, the perfect Galentine's Day present.

F***boy Tears Gin for Galentineu2019s DayFirebox
Price: £14.99

A delicious blend of passionfruit and tropical mango flavour. Yum.

It’s the perfect partner for Prosecco, tonic water and a slice of grapefruit. Simply swirl around your glass to release the iconic, iridescent shimmer and celebrate the leading ladies of your life, knowing no f-ckboy is gonna mess with any of you again.

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