A definitive list of Christmas board games that cause family feuds 😂

We live for the drama, tbh

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The festive season is a joyous time of year - except when actual Christmas Day rolls around and it's time to partake in the annual event of playing board games with your family.

Board games of which will lead to a massive argument about who's cheated, who wasn't paying enough attention, and who's a sore loser.

See which Christmas board games cause the most family feuds, below...😂

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Board games arguments - heat stacked

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Perhaps the most argument-inducing game known to man, Monopoly is practically famous for causing long-term family rifts and even divorces. Watch out for that relative who tries to cheat their way to the top, by slipping a few extra £100 notes into their pocket when nobody is looking. RUDE.Check out Monopoly on Amazon,here.

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Excuse me, mum, that's not how you spell "frankincense"! During a game of Scrabble, there's always someone in the family who tries to make up fake words or spellings to try and wrangle a few more points. And frankly, it's just not on. If it's not in the dictionary, it's not getting any points, sorry.Check out Scrabble on Amazon, here.

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Trivial Pursuit

So your cousin has kind of answered their niche Trivial Pursuit question about the which year the Spanish Civil War ended, but their answer isn't as accurate as you would have liked. Do they deserve the piece of pie? You decide that they don't, obviously. Cue shouting and cussing...Check out Trivial Pursuit on Amazon, here.

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Guess Who

Oh the classic game of Guess Who. This two-player character guessing game certainly creates it's fair share of arguments born out of miscommunication between opponents about the description of characters. "SANRDA, I ASKED IF HE HAD A BEARD SO WHY DID YOU SAY NO? THIS IS CLEARLY A BEARD." "That's not a beard, that's stubble!" Awks.Check out [Guess Who on Amazon,](https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hasbro-Gaming-N-A-Guess/dp/B0824R92T5/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=qheatarticle414-21&linkId=ccc1eb02a249b73d87babf999456cfbd&language=en_GBge=en_GB) here.

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Who doesn't love a bit of murder mystery at Christmas? The main arguments that stem from this game are to do with the rules. What exactly can and can't you do?! Nobody seems to know...Check outCluedo on Amazon, here.

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