The best Black Friday Disney Store deals to shop right now

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No matter how old you get, you never outgrow Disney. It's a brand that has truly integrated itself into our lives, no matter what age you are or where you are.

Their merchandise has always been a top hit too, with retailers worldwide joining in on the Disney fun and selling everything such as throws, kitchenware and pyjamas. Yes, Primark we are looking at you, and we are not mad at all.

But despite the urge to buy every and any Disney product we come across, we're unfortunately adults now who need to look after our wallets and the money inside of it. Sadly, sometimes that means we can't treat ourselves to those Lilo and Stitch slippers, even though let's face it... they are a great investment.

Black Friday 2022 Disney sale

Luckily, though, this November is the perfect time to get your hands on some Disney merch without breaking the bank. Until the end of the month, the Disney store is having a Black Friday Sale, so you can grab some deals and fulfil your Disney desires.

So, without further ado, take a look at some of our top picks from the Disney Store's Black Friday sale below.


SHOP: The best of the Disney store

Disney Store Winnie the Pooh and Friends Festive Baubles
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These gorgeous baubles will look adorable on any Christmas tree, no matter what theme your home is this Christmas. Featuring the cutest Winne The Pooh artwork with characters Winne, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore.

Disney Store Peter Pan Cushion
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This gorgeous pillow features the Peter Pan film logo on one side with the iconic Big Ben clock-face on the other with your favourite characters - Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael.

Lumiere Cake Stand, Beauty and the Beast
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Lumiere has to be one of the most iconic Beauty And The Beast character, so why wouldn't you want him to hold up your cakes and bakes. With a sturdy design and beautiful golden finish, there's every reason why you should treat yourself to this stand, especially with the festive season coming up.

Up Door Mat
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What a perfect way to welcome visitors to your home. Featuring artwork of Carl and Ellie's house from UP, this mat is ideal as a treat for yourself or any Disney fan.

Winne The Pooh Mug And Spoon
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Now who can deny that this is THE cutest mug ever? And the Spoon with the honey bee on it? This is it. The ultimate mug for any old school Disney lover.

Ann Shen The Aristocats Candle Holder
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This gorgeous Aristocats themed candle holder is perfect for candle lovers everywhere. Featuring the cutest cat ears as decoration, this will add a touch of elegance to any home - with a Disney twist.

Mickey Mouse Homestead Throw
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This glorious plaid print throw will keep you cosy with the colder months approaching. Just imagine: hot chocolate, your favourite Disney film and this throw? What a perfect combination.

Mickey Mouse Water Bottle
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The ultimate Disney water bottle, girls. Featuring a pop-art like design with Disney's OG Mickey Mouse, this bottle will let the whole office know that you're a fan of Disney.

Mickey Mouse Homestead Stocking Holder
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With a golden finish and an adorable silhouette of the iconic Mickey Mouse, your mantle piece will look magical for the most wonderful time of the year.

Stitch Jumbo Toy
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Who doesn't love a jumbo sized teddy? Perfect for any bedroom.

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An ideal place to store all those Christmas biscuits so that they don't go to waste. Featuring an adorable Mickey Mouse gingerbread pattern with candy canes, stars, presents and Christmas trees.

Where can I buy Disney merch deals from?

There are loads of places you can grab Disney merchandise and decor. We've focused on the discounts you can find at the Disney store, where you'll be able to find all of the latest Disney toys and releases.

Other than that though, you'll be able to grab these toys all across the internet shops, including Amazon, Argos and department stores like John Lewis. Get your hands on these deals though, before they sell out!

How long does it take for Disney merch to be shipped?

This really depends on where you buy your merch from. On Amazon, if you have Prime it can come next-day or even with same-day delivery- now that's what we call Lightning McQueen speed. On the other hand, you may be left waiting if you don't double-check the delivery estimate. Make sure to check on the product pages and retailers you're buying from.

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