How to create the perfect camping getaway in your garden

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Garden camping

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Although the rest of 2020 is looking... well, bleak to say the least, that doesn't mean you can't have some good old-fashioned fun during the glorious British summertime.

While campsites might be off the books for a little while and overseas holidays are a no-go for the foreseeable, there's nothing to stop you having a little staycation in your back garden.

Grab your partner, siblings, kids or housemates and get ready to go on an adventure! We've rounded up everything you'll need to make your garden camping trip a success.

From a tent (obvs) to some cute fairy lights, fluffy dressing gowns and even a projector, this is everything you need for an amazing camping night, without even leaving your property.

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Garden camping: what you'll need

Coleman Waterproof Darwin Tent1 of 14

Coleman Waterproof Darwin Tent

This tent is really easy to pitch and will sleep up to three people, so there's plenty of room inside. In addition to the essential waterproofing, fireproofing and built-in ground mat, it's the perfect size for any garden. There's a front porch area, which is sheltered and perf for an outdoor meal or snacking session.

Pavillo Airbed Quick Inflation Camping Mattress2 of 14

Pavillo Airbed Quick Inflation Camping Mattress

A well-inflated and bouncy double or king size air mattress will keep you raised off the ground where it's comfortable, warm and dry.

Double Sleeping Bag3 of 14

Double Sleeping Bag

Camping doesn't have to mean flopping down next to each other like a couple of immobile slugs – this double sleeping bag will allow you to cosy up. Bonus: your partner can't steal the duvet if the duvet is everything.

Velvet Plush Cuddly Blanket4 of 14

Velvet Plush Cuddly Blanket

If you're looking for a little more of that cosy, warm feeling that you get from glamping, then stocking the tent with soft blankets, pillows, duvets and cushions is a guaranteed winner.

Flickering Battery Powered Tea Lights (48 pack)5 of 14

Flickering Battery Powered Tea Lights (48 pack)

Candles are essential to nailing that chilled vibe, but having open flames in a tent is a straight-up stupid idea. Skirt around this problem with these battery-operated tea lights.

Battery Powered LED Fairy Lights6 of 14

Battery Powered LED Fairy Lights

These lights can be arranged in the porch of the tent for a welcoming look, or inside the tent to give you and your camping buddy an enchanting camping experience.

100% Cotton Dressing Gown7 of 14

100% Cotton Dressing Gown

Add a little glam into the tent! Lounge back on the throws and pillows, and sip on some Prosecco under the twinkling fairy lights.

Washable Outdoor Picnic Blanket8 of 14

Washable Outdoor Picnic Blanket

Feast away on this picnic blanket while you watch Netflix on your phone or sing campfire songs.

Lifewit Insulated Cooler9 of 14

Lifewit Insulated Cooler

No camping trip is compete without a cool bag full of snacks and chilled wine.

Champagne Flutes Plastic Reusable10 of 14

Champagne Flutes Plastic Reusable

The look, without the glass. Why plastic? There's a lot of blankets, sleeping bags and pillows in the tent, as well as a big ol' air mattress. If we lose track of our drinks and accidentally roll onto a champagne flute, we sure don't want it to be glass!

GooDee Mini Projector11 of 14

GooDee Mini Projector

This miniprojector is a marvellous way of adding even more charm to the garden camp. You can project directly onto the canvas of the tent (inside or out), or peg a bedsheet on the washing line and have yourself an unforgettable open air cinema experience. The projector can connect to a smartphone, USB, laptop or Fire Stick, and is powered by mains or portable power bank.

Retro Popcorn Containers Reusable (3 pack)12 of 14

Retro Popcorn Containers Reusable (3 pack)

Add that final touch of razzmatazz to the secret garden cinema with some retro popcorn cartons.

Natural Silk Filled Sleep Eye Mask13 of 14

Natural Silk Filled Sleep Eye Mask

This sleep mask will keep you snoozing at sunrise. Plus, it's contoured to keep eyelashes on fleek.

Fluffy Animal Socks14 of 14

Fluffy Animal Socks

The only way to take your cosy game to the next level. Plus they're cute AF.


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