The best crystals for attraction, heartbreak and self-love this Valentine’s Day

Molly Bean-Harding chats through her top five crystals for love

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Founder of The Crystal Sky and holistic healing expert, Molly Bean-Harding shares her five crystal love bombs for this Valentine's Day and beyond.

Valentine’s Day is not only about loving a significant other, it is also a chance to take that much-needed self-care day that your soul really deserves. You are a complex life form that needs taking care of, much like a plant that needs sun, soil, water and nurturing to grow.

Vibrations are all around us, anything that is, or ever was, is made from energy. The only thing that sets everything apart in both our internal and external world is atomic structure and vibrational frequency. Crystals hold a frequency that we can tap into and use to heal, manifest and soothe our minds.

They act as little ‘vehicles’ to help us tune into self-love and deep inner healing for a content heart. They can also act as magnets to draw in new love interests! They can do wonders for us, working like little batteries amping up sexual energies and passion within a relationship, or helping with communication and resolution.

The most powerful frequencies and vibrations can be received from wearing, meditating with and sleeping with your crystals - so get familiar with your new little friend! They will return a great deal of magic once you get to work with them

Take a look below at some of my go-to crystals for this V Day - all the way from healing, to spicing up your love life, these babies will help get you vibrating at all the right frequencies.

1) Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

For filling your cup with all the angelic, warm fuzzy feelings try Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz helps attract love and romance whilst helping you bring your heart back to its highest frequency.

It helps you to understand past situations and help you to transform and renew your outlook on relationships. Rose Quartz will open your heart to a deep connection with your partner.

Finally, it helps let go of any toxic energy that has been trapped inside you and become a compassionate person.

How to use: wear Rose Quartz to connect with its radiating energies throughout the day.

Shop:Rose Quartz from £4 at The Crystal Sky.

2) Garnet


For increasing sexual energy and pulling the plug on quiet nights alone try Garnet.

Garnet gives you vitality and life force energy bringing a beautiful sense of warmth to the system. It's the stone of beauty, love and joy and is extremely protective against negative energies. If you want to release 'bad karma', Garnet is for you.

It's the stone for passion and heightening one's sex drive as well as activating ones ‘Kundalini’ energy. It's very energising and cleansing for the chakras.

How to use: meditate with Garnet to discover its energising properties.

Shop: Garnet Infinity Bracelet, £24, The Crystal Sky.

3) Moonstone


For releasing your sensual inner goddess Beyonce vibes try Moonstone.

Moonstone is the stone of fertility and sensuality. It helps you connect with the energy of the moon and allows Goddess energy to tap into your hidden talents and treasures.

The crystal helps you reach a higher state of alignment and discover who you really are.

Growth, strength, success and good fortune can be drawn in with Moonstone.

The stone is ideal for anything female related ie, menstrual, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, new motherhood, PMS etc.

How to use: place your crystal on top of a handwritten manifestation to draw in your dreams.

Shop: The Anti Anxiety Crystal Kit, £39.99, The Crystal Sky.

4) Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite

For doing some real heart healing work try Mangano Calcite.

Mangano Calcite has sweet energy that is all about self-love, forgiveness and acceptance.

It can help you release habits that may be holding you back in life, whilst enhancing the loving, nurturing, feminine side of yourself.

Mangano Calcite helps calm the mind and heart, releasing stress and worries and creating a safe space where you can heal from the inside out.

How to use: meditate with Mangano Calcite to connect with female spirit guides and receive guidance from them.

Shop:Mangano Calcite from £3 at The Crystal Sky.

5) Fire and Ice

Fire and ice

For attracting a new bae try Fire and Ice.

Fire and Ice gives an energetic recharge and ignites your soul's purpose.

Expect a new lease of life and a new outlook where anything is possible.

Fire and Ice encourages your adventerous side and carries bioscalar waves for multi-dimensional, intercellular healing at all levels.

It's the most decdicated crystal on your shelf and helps with all your manifesting needs.

How to use: place in areas all-around your house and use as reminders that anything is possible.

Shop: The Manifest Crystal Kit, £39.99 from The Crystal Sky.

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