How to: Bio Sculpture Easter Crème Egg manicure

Because your nails should be allowed to celebrate Easter too!


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Creme Egg manicure

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Here's how to do your very own Easter Creme Egg manicure!

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Prepare and sanitize the nail. Once dry, apply your Base Gel as your first layer. Then paint red (no. 166) across half the nail diagonally, then cure. Paint the other half of the nail purple (no. 139), then cure. Repeat this step so each colour has two layers, then cure. Using white (no. 1) and a nail art brush (no. 17) paint diagonally across the middle of the nail between the two colours, cure and repeat this step to create a solid white line.

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At the top of the nail paint a 'C' shape in the swirly Cadburys style.

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In the centre of the nail create a 'splat' effect using a yellow (no. 2030) paint, then cure and repeat to create a solid yellow.

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Complete the nails using your chosen finishing layer. Once applied cure, wipe the nail and apply top coat.

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