The worst celebrity Halloween costumes that totally missed the mark

Even Heidi Klum makes the list

worst celeb halloween outfits

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They may have the fame, the riches and showstopping style for the majority of the year, but when it comes to Halloween, celebs’ choice of costume can go one way or the other (legendary or disaster, that is) - and there is no in-between.

While we’re generally fascinated by the extent that some celebs will go to to make sure they’re the most impressively dressed up zombie or vampire at the party (or witch, or wolf, or totally skinless dead person if you happen to be Heidi Klum), sometimes their efforts can make them look FAR too sexy-ween for our liking (that has just NEVER been a good look) or, well, like they just haven’t made any effort at all.

Of course, Halloween is the one night of the year when (no, we are not going to quote Mean Girls here) we can totally get away with being out in public with a luminous green face, or, perhaps covered in fake blood with half of a plastic knife sticking out of our chests. But if you’re lacking creativity and just considering that devil costume again, or perhaps just planning on sticking on a mask and hoping for the best, please check in here beforehand to see how it’s just NOT done...

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worst celebrity halloween costumes1 of 21

Daisy Lowe

We just thought you'd go for something a bit more original than a PVC catsuit and a couple of drawn on whiskers, Daisy!

worst celebrity halloween costumes 2 of 21

Isla Fisher

There was just A LOT going on in Isla's costume back in 2013.

worst celebrity halloween costumes3 of 21

Jess Wright

OK, we know it was 2011... but still, Jess, the sexy dead cheerleader look just doesn't sit well with us.

worst celebrity halloween costumes4 of 21

Katy Perry

We can't work out whether Katy's cheeto Halloween costume from 2017 is amazingly cool or just amazingly irrelevant. Hm.

worst celebrity halloween costumes5 of 21

Lily Allen

Just... what are you even supposed to be dressed up as here, Lily?

worst celebrity halloween costumes6 of 21

Mariah Carey

Maybe the concept of sexy-ween was more acceptable in 2009, but we just don't see anything angelic about Mariah's angel costume here.

worst celebrity halloween costumes7 of 21

Coco Austin

We know you love to flaunt your curves, Coco, but this... really?

worst celebrity halloween costumes8 of 21

Paris Hilton

  1. It's dark. No need for sunnies. 2) What's spooky about Minnie Mouse?
worst celebrity halloween costumes9 of 21

Suki Waterhouse

We're just utterly confused by Suki's costume choice.

worst celebrity halloween costumes10 of 21

Tara Reid

Oh, Tara... just no.

worst celebrity halloween costumes11 of 21

Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart

Well this is a major throwback pic but this is what we meant by 'sticking on a mask and hoping for the best'. We were just expecting something a little more creative from the Twilight stars.

worst celebrity halloween costumes12 of 21

Sacha Baron Cohen

He's the man behind Borat and Ali G, so naturally we were expecting something much more hilarious than this outfit.

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Scott Disick

Lord Disick dressed up as American Psycho's Patrick Bateman - but all we see is him looking his normal self with the addition of a plastic axe.

worst celebrity halloween costumes14 of 21

Paris Hilton (again)

I'm a mouse, duh?

worst celebrity halloween costumes15 of 21

Heidi Klum

Heidi may be the undisputed queen of Halloween these days, but back when her annual Halloween ball first began in 2000, she wasn't quite up to the same standards.

worst celebrity halloween costumes16 of 21

Joe Jonas

We're entirely unsure what Joe Jonas is supposed to be here. A sushi chef? Niche.

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Ellie Goulding

Clearly Ellie wasn't au fait with cultural appropriation back in 2015 when she wore this problematic Native American costume.

worst celebrity halloween costumes18 of 21

Alexa Chung

The sentiment is commendable - calling attention the plastic in the ocean, natch – but we can't help feel Alexa could have paid slightly closer attention to detail?

worst celebrity halloween costumes19 of 21

Princess Beatrice

Considering she's an actual Princess, Bea could have made slightly more effort that this weird head/face accessory and nylon wig added to an otherwise totally normal outfit. What even is she?

worst celebrity halloween costumes20 of 21


It's Rihanna, so obviously she looks pure FIYAH in her sexy PVC corset, but what's with the face paint?

worst celebrity halloween costumes21 of 21

Hugh Grant

Erm, Hugh, did you even try to make an effort with this outfit? A onesie and a pair of trainers is NOT an acceptable Halloween costume.

So, what have we learned from these Halloween fails?

Firstly, it's 2022, huns - appropriating someone's culture as a costume is NOT cute, particularly if you're going to be dead or a zombified version of it.

And wearing your undies as a costume is soooooooo 2004, right? Make an EFFORT, we say. Get crafty with papier-mâché or bits and bobs from a charity or vintage shop.

Now THAT'S what you call creepy ©Getty

Lastly, the creepier the better. Though it's undeniably hilarious when someone turns up to a party in an inflatable poo costume, what ever happened to scaring your mates with a frankly terrifying zombie bride or ghost pirate get-up?

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