Charlotte Crosby’s January fitness tips are all we need in life right now

Chips n gravy all round, tbh.


by Ruby Norris |

If we’re honest, we’re still on a huge post-Christmas comedown and our body composition is probably about 70 per cent prosecco and 30 per cent mince pie. Seriously.

We’ve tried to drag our sorry asses to the gym on several occasions, but have so far spent the majority of January in a duvet burrito.

One thing that might (might) tempt us in to making an appearance on the gym floor, is some sassy AF new gym kit. And Charlotte Crosby’s Activewear 3.0 collection for In The Style is as sassy at it gets, tbh.

We caught up with Char to chat about the new collab and seek some much-needed January fitness tips.

How do you motivate yourself to go the gym when it’s cold outside and you can’t be arsed?

I do my exercise DVD in my sitting room - I can still wear my pyjamas if I want to!

Does nice new gym kit make you more motivated? What kind of things do you like to wear in the gym?

New gym kit always makes you feel more motivated. It makes you excited to get it on and go to the gym!

I really like to mix and match my leggings and sports bra’s and then throw on a baggy top like the “squat the hell” one from my new collection.

©In The Style

What are your favourite pieces the Activewear 3.0 collection?

I like the long sleeve extreme crop tops, because they give you a bit of coverage on your arms but you can still show off your sports bra. The red one with the black bra and leggings is my fave!

Would you rather wear gym clothes on a night out, or going out clothes to the gym?

Gym clothes on a night out!

©In The Style

What are your tips for feeling confident in the gym, especially in the weights section?

Just listen to great music and focus on yourself.

Do you have a workout playlist? What are your fave workout songs?

I like to listen to Eminem whilst I’m working out- it spurs us on and blocks out the haters!

I use a personal trainer to do weights, but gyms will always show you how to use the equipment if you’re unsure.

How can we keep up our fitness routine going whilst we’re on holiday?

I do more when I’m on holiday because you’ve got nothing to do.

What about if I’ve got a super busy week at work?

You can always fit a gym session in beforehand!

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Are there any exercises we can do at my desk, without alarming our colleagues?

You surely can’t be that desperate to exercise at your desk! Foot flexes?

Perhaps work on good posture at the desk, sit up straight shoulders back, practice breathing exercises.

I’ve never really spent too long behind a desk but maybe a bit of meditation, too, just don’t go to sleep!

If you had to pick one person to be your workout buddy who would it be and why?

The Body Coach [Joe Wicks] - because he is eye candy!

Do you think the gym is a good place to meet people? Or pick up a new bae? Have you ever been chatted up at the gym?

No, one time I got insulted at the gym though!

Boys walked past and went ‘eugh there’s Charlotte G Shore, she’s sweating!’

Dog walking is a good way to meet people whilst exercising, if you haven’t got one then borrow a friend’s they will love you and so will the dog!

How can we get a decent gym selfie ‘cause, let’s face it, that’s why we’re there?

Use the gym bathroom mirror.

©In The Style

Have you had to drastically change your diet? Do you miss any foods in particular?

Pasta, and I do miss it. Also, I’ve got a gluten intolerance so bread makes me bloat which is really annoying!

What’s your dream cheat meal?

Cheesy chips n gravy!

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Cheesy chips n gravy!

What’s your go-to snack when you’re feeling naughty?

Cheesy chips n gravy!

OK, what’s your go-to quick and easy healthy meal?

I do really like hummus and carrot sticks. There is a good recipe in my new book, 30 Day Blitz. Oh, and soup. You can’t go wrong with soup!

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