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by Jen Crothers |

What is it?

It’s a 10K run. Sure Run To The Beat is billed as ‘London’s only music 10K’. You could possibly argue that if you have your iPod in your ears while you plod along on a ten kilometre run, you're doing a 'music 10k', but lets not get bogged down with technicalities because this is actually quite different. It’s thousands of runners being treated to one collective soundtrack. Leave your headphones behind and bask in the musical greatness of the race lineup – Marvin Humes, Jameela Jamil and Danny Howard will be DJing around the route while you sweat out the previous night’s dinner over 10000 metres.

Where is it?

It’s being held in Wembley Park, London, on 13th September. Wear: Anything you feel comfortable running in – but all entrants will receive a Brooks running top to wear on the day. Post-race, you can wear it to the gym and be smug showing off that you took part in a 10k and are therefore a boss. Listen to: When you sign up, you’ll get access to downloadable running playlists on Deezer (and you’ll even get a 30 day premium trial), if you’re into listening while running. Otherwise, ditch the earphones and soak up the tunes being pumped out during the race form the superstar DJs.

What will it be like?

A 10K is a great distance to do if you’re fairly into running, but can’t yet face a half marathon. You’ll gain invaluable experience of taking part in an organised run – so you’ll be able to gage all the basics, from time chips to when to grab the water at the hydration stations. Most importantly, it’ll be a lot of fun; you’ll be running with a load of like-minded people with adrenalin-pumping sound systems throughout the route. Plus, you get a medal at the end.

There’s still time to sign up for Sure Run To The Beat. Visit

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