Fitness: Voga – we try out this year’s sassiest craze…



by Ellen Kerry |
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We’ve heard of Yoga, Hot Yoga, Bikram and even Vinyasa Flow but Voga? No idea.

So when we were asked to try out the bendy world’s newest fitness trend, we couldn’t resist…

**What is it? **

House Of Voga is the brainchild of Juliet Murrell (a real life Penny from Dirty Dancing) and is the fusion of Yoga and “Vogueing” - basically very sassy angular dance moves done to an 80s beat whilst simultaneously holding yoga poses to build strength.

**Location **

Everywhere! Juliet hosts pop ups all over the world. We attended a class held at Lights Of Soho in London. The venue was the definition of cool - neon signs and art were plastered all over the walls. This particular location was a wee bit small and very busy (we bumped limbs a LOT) but the major sound system and lights made us feel like we were crammed into the coolest NYC class. That said, a studio with mats would make for a more effective (if less fun) workout.


Anything fun, stretchy and bright! This isn’t a class to roll-up to wearing your holey old leggings. The best way to go full-on Vogue? Some jazzy pink spandex. We love New Look's new fitness drop.

The Workout

With poses like the Queenie, Disco Cat and Express this was never going to be a normal yoga sesh. Spa-like whale music is replaced with electro 80s beats, way easier to channel Madonna moves to. Traditional yoga poses, used to tone and build strength, are banded with slick arm movements, all set to the beat and often very fast.


Because we were so focused on nailing our Vogueing, we didn’t realise how hard we were actually working. Inner, front and backs of thighs ached so much the following day we actually struggled to bend. Even butt muscles whimpered which can only mean we whooped them!

Overall this class tones muscles, helps increase flexibility and ups cardio whilst encouraging extreme levels of fun and sass. We loved it. Oh, and we’re more than a little obsessed with Penny/Juliet who is super friendly and encouraging. Even when we fell flat on our face doing the Peacock…

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