FLASH PACK! Naughty celebs show off their impressive side-boobs

Cleavage has had it's time


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Ooh those pesky celebs. If they're not flashing naughty nips, they're showing off a heap of sideboob instead. Yes, this lot might have perky peaks but do we really need to see quite so much of them? We're especially talking to you, Helen Flanagan.


FLASH PACK! Naughty celebs show off their impressive side-boobs

Hel's bells1 of 9

Hel's bells

The ex-Corrie-star-turned-model-turned-wannabe-hipster just loves to give her tatties an airing. To celebrate her 23rd birthday over the weekend the blonde opted for a lace-panelled dress that barely covered her boobs

SEE-fried's sideboob2 of 9

SEE-fried's sideboob

Seeing as she's bared her breasts in new flick Lovelace we shouldn't be too surprised that Amanda Seyfried showed some serious side-boob at the film's premiere.

Almost ladylike. Almost.3 of 9

Almost ladylike. Almost.

Rob Kardashian's ex-ladylove Adrienne Bailon gave the world a cheeky glimpse in a floor length gown.

Mini cracker4 of 9

Mini cracker

Chloe Madeley wasn't shy about showing off her side-banger in a baring playsuit recently.

Punk sideboob5 of 9

Punk sideboob

Anne Hathaway's punk gown for the Met Ball was very, ahem, revealing. Luckily she had dyed her crop a terrible peroxide shade to distract us.

Peek-a-boob!6 of 9


Rita Ora and her bosoms always have fun on the red carpet. Here they're hanging out (literally) at the Met Ball in Thakoon.

K-stew who?7 of 9

K-stew who?

In one of her big appearances post-K-Stew-gate Liberty Ross hit the world right between the eyes in a bodycon LBD cut to show off her toned bod and plenty of side boob. If only R-Patzz had done the same.

Underwear? That's so 20128 of 9

Underwear? That's so 2012

Diane Kruger might look sweetness and light but she's a veritable raunchbag when it comes to fashion! Check out this sheer panelled frock. One word - commando.

Gaga, why no bra-bra?9 of 9

Gaga, why no bra-bra?

Yes she's showing side-boob but to be honest we're more surprised she's wearing anything at all after seeing her frolicking butt naked in the woods recently!

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