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Ambassador for Marie Curie


by Ellen Kerry |

The Saturdays singer and all-round babe Frankie Bridge knows a thing or two about style and beauty. And, now she's given birth to her second child, post-pregnancy care! The kind hearted star is also supporting the Superdrug and P&G FeelSuper Campaign, where each time you buy any P&G product including brands such as Max Factor, Olay, Gillette, Pantene, Oral-B, Pampers and many more from Superdrug, your purchase will trigger a donation to Marie Curie. So who better to quiz about autumnal fashion and all things beauty?


How would you describe your AW Style?

I love ankle boots, jeans and big jumpers. I’m not a massive fan of coats really, but you have to wear them don’t you! And I love a scarf, that’s kind of my main thing. It's like a comfort blanket!

**How many scarves have you got? **

I dread to think, but I still always end up wearing the same ones. I’ve got so many, every year Wayne says to me if someone says to me what do you want for Christmas or something I’m like scarves? and he’s like Really? You don’t need anymore, and I’m like I do!

What's the most versatile piece of AW clothing you own?

As much as I moan about coats, they're one of those things that if you can’t be bothered, you’re in a rush or just don’t care you can put a nice coat on and get away with anything. Unless you have to take it off! I think a coat can dress up or dress down an outfit.

Are you a dare-to-bare legs kind of girl or do you go for the tights when it gets a bit cold?

When I’m working it’s dare to bare but in general probably a pair of tights. I quite like a jumper dress with a pair of ankle boots.

What would your go-to outfit be for a night out with your hubby?

Probably jeans, a vest top, a blazer and a pair of heels. I’m a bit lazy with bags. I always have a changing bag during the day I just shove stuff in so when I go out I’m like, 'Hmm, Wayne do you have the cards? you can have mine!"

What about a girls night out?

I’d probably dress up more, I’m not sure whether that’s the right way around! I'd wear a nice dress and a pair of heels.

What is your favourite way to dress down?

I wear more flats than I used to which makes life easier. So, probably a good pair of flats and jeans. It’s just easy isn’t it? And I love that in winter you can get some really nice jumpers.

**Have you got a favourite place to shop for winter clothes? **

Zara’s great for coats and blazers and I like Joseph. They always do some nice bits and pieces.

Who is your ultimate style icon?

I think people like Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba always look effortlessly great, they never look too try-hard although I’m sure they give it a lot of thought!

Has being a mum changed the way you dress?

I don’t feel like it has massively but I do wear less heels. If I’m with Parker I probably wouldn’t wear a short dress because you have to bend down and pick him up all the time.

If you’ve got five minutes how would you do your hair and makeup?

I think everyone’s so big on skin now, I always want to look fresh. I use an Olay 2-in-1 serum that gives you a glow and hydrates. I find it easy to go for a flick and a bit of bronzer, get your lashes going. My hair is always the same, it’s either a little bit wavey or blow-dried.

What beauty products do you always re-buy?

I’m big on eyelashes. A good mascara like Max Factor's false lash mascara, stuff like that I think is really important.

Are you still a fan of Pilates to tone your bod?

Yes totally, I really got into pilates last time [I gave birth] and found it really helped me get back in shape. I’ve never been a huge gym person so it’s nice to do a class that promotes general well-being in addition to fitness.

What’s your post-pregnancy beauty regime?

At the moment I’m mostly at home with the boys so I rarely have a full face of makeup. It’s important to stay moisturised so I’d say a good moisturiser and a good lip balm are key. Drinking lots of water is also important!

Why did you choose to get involved in the Marie Curie cause?

I’ve done quite a few things for Marie Curie before with The Saturdays so it seemed like a natural thing to get involved with. It’s such an easy campaign for people to get involved with. If you go into Superdrug and buy any P&G product you can help. One product equals one donation. So it's things you would buying anyway like Oral B tooth paste, Max Factor lipstick or Pampers. This time it helps someone else. I’ve seen first hand what Marie Curie does for people and their families. I’ve been to the hospices and they are so nice. I think it’s a really important nice cause for everyone to get involved with.

Frankie Bridge is supporting the Superdrug and P&G FeelSuper Campaign, 23rd September to 20th October. Find out more at!

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