Best celebrity halloween costumes OF ALL TIME!

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by Sophie Bronstein |

They remain the epitome of glamour throughout the whole year, but when it comes to Halloween, we can always rely on our fave celebs to pull off some SERIOUSLY extravagant costumes.

From toddlers dressed as Michael Jackson to fully grown men dressing as Miley Cyrus (with as little clothes, too!), we’ve seen some pretty impressive celebrity Halloween costumes over the years – and here are the ones that we found most impressive…



Halloween Costumes

Adam Lambert
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Adam dressed up as Wolf Man in 2014, and the more we look at him, the more freaked out we get...

Blue Ivy Carter & Beyoncu00e9
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Last year, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy dressed as Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson... total Halloween GOLD!

Demi Lovato
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As generic as a zombie Halloween costume may seem, Demi did it justice in 2013

Heidi Klum
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She's renowned for her insanely cool Halloween costumes - and in 2013 she stepped out as a VERY convincing old lady

Heidi Klum... again
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We just couldn't help but include her twice. In 2011, she was wheeled into an event on an autopsy table - looking like THIS! This might be as creepy as it gets.

Jimmy Carr
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We LOVED Jimmy's take on Wednesday Addams in 2014

Kim Kardashian
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Kim combined creepiness and curves very well for Halloween 2014

North West
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Just when we thought Nori couldn't get any cuter... Kim dressed her as a skunk for Halloween last year

Perez Hilton
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When Perez Hilton turned up to a Halloween party almost naked in 2013... dressed as Miley Cyrus.

Nick Lachey & Kelly Ripa
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MEGA LOL at Nick and Kelly dressed as Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries in 2011

Noel Fielding
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As if Ronald Mcdonald wasn't scary enough... Noel made him even scarier in 2013

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