Happy 18th birthday Kylie Jenner! Her 20 best looks

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Kylie Jenner Gold dress july 2015

by Ellen Kerry |

The youngest Jenner turned 18 today and has been spendiing the whole weekend celebrating the occasion. As well as posting pics of birthday dinners, gifts and tons of sister selfies, Kyles spent today sharing shots from a recent fashion photoshoot.

The brunette donned quirky wigs in various cuts and shades for the pics along with the fiercest make up we've seen this side of big sissy Kim's face. She also managed to get her pose-on, lounging seductively in her undie in one especially sexy shot.

It's not clear whether the pictures are for an actual publication or whether, in true Kardashian-Jenner tradition, the reality star just fancied doing them for LOLz. We all remember that time her mum Kris did an impromptu swimwear shoot in her pool and flashed her nips...

Well, we can't quite stretch to a fancy designer handbag or brand new car, so here's 20 of your hottest looks to celebrate your big 18th, Kylie Jenner. That's probably better than an Hermes, right?


Kylie Jenner Top 20 Looks

August, 2014
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December, 2013
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May, 2012
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June, 2015
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May, 2015
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May, 2015
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April, 2015
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March, 2015
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March, 2015
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November, 2014
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August. 2014
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June, 2014
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January, 2014
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May, 2014
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November, 2013
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May, 2013
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May, 2013
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April, 2013
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November, 2012
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September, 2012
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