Harry Styles’ most ICONIC outfits

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We've had 10 years of Harry Styles and we are still Falling for him tbh.

After being put in a group with One Direction, formed on The X Factor, Directioners were devastated in 2016 when they went on a 'hiatus'... that's still going on.

On the plus side we've seen Harry take on a solo career and it appears he well and truly expresses himself through his appearance - cutting his ponytail appeared to be the beginning of the new era.

We reckon we can all agree that Harry has his own individual style, so we thought we would take a look back at his most iconic outfits.

From events and touring, to live performances – his outfits are always a Sign of the Times...

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Harry Styles most ICONIC outfits

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Harry Styles and the pink suit

A pink suit with a contrasting black shirt, the perfect look for Harry and he was styled by designer Edward Sexton who has also dressed Mick Jagger. The flared trousers really give a retro rock star vibe to his outfit.

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Harry Styles' Victoria's Secret Fashion Show performance

Harry's second outfit at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was one to remember, the Givenchy mint green suit. Keeping with the retro look, he wore heeled boots with reptile detailing and a slight flare in the trousers. The outfit change matched the change in theme of the show, giving us a wintry feel.

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Harry Styles and the blue corduroy

Many of Harry Styles' outfits take us back to the '70s, especially this vibrant blue corduroy suit. The white low-neck vest making the suit an even bolder statement. And if that wasn't enough, he was accompanied to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony by Stevie Nicks.

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Harry Styles and the yellow suit

This Marc Jacobs yellow suit, styled with a silky purple neck scarf, is one way to stand out from a crowd. The bright suit was definitely spotted on the night of the BRIT Awards – we know, Harry doesn't shy away from a noticeable look.

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Harry Styles at The BRITs 2020

A very different look to his BRITs after-party outfit, but still a memorable outfit for Harry. This was a very classy outfit – with the finishing touches of a pearl necklace and white collar – the chocolate brown suit that was paired with a purple sweater.

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Harry Styles and all the glitter

Who doesn't like glitter? Of course, this suit had to be included. Glittery blazer and glittery trousers with his famous cross necklace shown between his semi-unbuttoned black shirt.

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Harry Styles aka Harlequin?

Harry Styles really can pull off any outfit. Does this suit remind anyone else of a Court Jester? Joker? Harlequin? This black and red velvet suit reminds us of many things, but either way Harry definitely looks good in it. Another suit giving us '70s vibes, as we know Harry likes a flared trouser.

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Harry Styles: Lace, lace, and more lace

Yet another iconic outfit from the BRITs 2020, the night was full of memorable outfits from Harry Styles. But can we talk about this white lace Gucci jumpsuit with flute cuffs and matching gloves pls? He even paired them with the signature pearl necklace. This was worn for his first ever performance of Falling – unforgettable performance, unforgettable outfit.

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Harry Styles and THAT cardigan

A more casual look for Harry, was this JW Anderson patchwork cardigan with a pair of jeans. This cardigan went viral as JW Anderson released the pattern and saw many fans joining the trend on TikTok to recreate it.

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Harry Styles at the Met Gala

Harry's most iconic outfit has to be the one he wore to the Met Gala in 2019. The dress code being 'camp' – Harry Styles did not disappoint us, with the help from Gucci. He chose to wear a black lace top with sheer sleeves, revealing the tattoos on his arms, paired with a pendent pearl earring and chunky heels. It's safe to say he was definitely one of, if not, the best dressed celebs. This was an outfit that was most talked about by everyone, and is still talked about now.

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From iconic outfits to iconic music - it has been just over a year since the release of Harry's Fine Line album, and we are still obsessed with it.

AND to start the year right, Harry released an official music video for Treat People With Kindness which featured the Fleabag star, Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

This video definitely got people talking as they performed a choreographed dance in matching Gucci outfits.

Harry never fails to disappoint us with his performances, new music and outfits. Let's hope there are more iconic looks from him in 2021.

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