Kendall Jenner cut Kylie Jenner’s hair off!

Sibling rivalry at its finest


by Ellen Kerry |

Let us start by saying that, no, you aren’t about to see pictures of Kylie Jenner sassing around LA with an uneven bowl cut. This follicle massacre (we’re being dramatic) happened many moons ago but has tickled us because, hey, who hasn’t been terrorised by a sibling at one point or another?

Kendall Jenner might be ruling the catwalks now but when she was wee she was more into ruling her little sissy Kylie. The 18-year-old took to Instagram yesterday to share an adorable picture of herself and Kendall with their parents on the red carpet. The caption reads, “I think this is after Kendall cut all my hair off.”

In the pic Kylie’s dark hair is cut haphazardly around her face in a very cute pixie style that only a child or serious model could pull off. To counter the harsh ‘do Kendall bestowed on her sister, a baby pink ribbon has been added.

Tbh, we think mini Kyles is totally pulling this off. Espesh with the velvet frock and matchy pink fluff-cuffs.

In last night’s episode of KUWTK the two sisters rowed about how Kendall has apparently “ditched” Kylie for a red carpet career. Come on, ladies. If you can forgive a hacked hair job, surely you can get past this?

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