Kendall Jenner gets gothic makeover

Cheer up, Kendo!

Kendall Jenner

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It'd be easy to forget that Kendall Jenner exists considering the sheer amount of coverage her little sister's 18th birthday has had.

While teenage boys and grotty tabloids across the land rejoice about the fact Kylie Jenner has come of age, spare a thought for her poor, beautiful, super-model sister, Kendall Jenner. To prevent you from forgetting that she's still alive, Kendall has made it look like she, erm, isn't alive anymore. Yep, KJ has gone goth.

She'll be swapping Hollywood mansions for sitting in the shade, weeping and maybe, erm, dancing under bridges{ =nofollow}? We don't really know what goths do. We met a goth once and she was great at whistling, but we don't think that was a goth-specific thing.


We are kidding of course, Kendall Jenner hasn't gone full-goth, she's just dipped her outfit in black for a swish new photoshoot. The pictures made their way onto Instagram thanks to her hairdresser - Davy Newkirk - and her make up artist, Joyce Bonelli.

Taking to Instagram, Davy posted the picture of Kendall's new noir noggin, adding the caption: "Great day with this gorgeous one! @kendalljenner #flawlessmakeup by the one and only @joycebonelli hair by me styling by @monicarosestyle #kendall #kuwtk #bettypaigebangs"

Kendall's make up artist, Joyce posted a black and white snap of goth Kendall embracing the goth lifestyle by sitting on her own next to a sign that reads "f**k you".

#666 #Etc
#666 #Etc

We'll let you know as soon as Kendall has got through this difficult goth phase. We're sure she'll grow out of it. Kids eh?


Kendall Jenner's 19th birthday in Instagram pictures

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Kimmy K posted this cute photo of her little sis blowing out all the candles. That cake looks YUMMY

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We know it was Kendall's big day and all, but HOW SHINY IS KYLIE'S HAIR?

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Where are Kim's eyebrows? Yep, she's bleached 'em off, but just temporarily for a shoot. At least Cara's make up for the lack of them though, eh?

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Awww! Big sis Kim posted this gorge shot of Kendall, captioning it: "To the sweetest girl in the world. Happy Birthday! I love you so much @kendalljenner"

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Kendall shared all her cute Insty Polaroids of her, her mates and her family

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Loadsa love (literally) and flowers for KJ on her 19th

@kimkardashian8 of 8


Looks like Kanye's loving those brows just as much as us...

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