Khloe Kardashian buys her hoop earrings from Claire’s…YES, REALLY



by Arianna Chatzidakis |

Khloe Kardashian may be a multi-millionaire reality TV star, but that doesn't mean she's exempt from shopping at Claire's. Yesterday, the mum-to-be took to her Twitter to reveal that she buys her hoop earrings from the high-street shop. Yes, we KID YOU NOT.

Khloe is clearly a fan of hoops of all sizes, but she's extremely fond of extra large hoops. So just how did her revelation of shopping at Claire's for hoops come about? Well, one of Khloe's Twitter followers asked "where can I find hoops as big as @khloekardashian's because none of mine come close", to which Khloe replied "I got my really big ones at Nine West."

She then said: "I only buy inexpensive hoops because I lose them often. The rest are from Claire's." So there you have it, Khloe Kardashian buys her hoop earrings from Claire's. MIND-BOGGLING.

©Twitter: @khloekardashian

The rest of the internet were just as shocked as we were when we discovered where Khloe buys her hoops. One Twitter user said to Khloe: "I would’ve never guessed you shopped at Claire’s lol I thought they would be some fancy shit."

Khloe (who was having a very active day on Twitter yesterday) replied: "Hoops are hoops lol this way if I lose one pretending I'm Beyoncé i won't get upset." So THIS is what she gets up to in her spare time... pretending she's Beyoncé. Classic.

Another Twitter user tweeted: "Kimberly should of bought her diamond earrings from Claire's back in the day! 😂". Quick-thinking Khloe replied: "I wouldn't buy my diamonds at Claire's either lol just my hoops. Hehe."

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