Is Kim Kardashian stealing Rihanna’s style? That choker looks VERY similar to Ri’s one…

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Kim Kardashian-West was spotted making her way from her hotel to the Balmain SS15 Fashion Show in Paris with rapper husband Kanye West, wearing something we thought looked awfully familiar.

Her rose-gold choker looked very similar to one by Christian Lacroix that Chris Brown gave to Rihanna back in 2012. Hey Kim, don’t you know it’s not cool to steal someone’s style?


This is a major blow to Kim’s recently acquired “fash cred”. Maybe the fashion industry will now finally see sense and stop inviting her to the front rows of their fashion shows?

Kim’s style isn’t the only thing wrong with this photo, however - what is up with Kanye’s haircut? Apparently he needs arrows on his head to know which way to walk. And can someone please tell him to stop wearing that gold necklace with absolutely everything?

Two jewellery fails in one photo. It’s a hard feat to accomplish, but Kim and Kanye managed it. Well done, Kimye. Well done.

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