Kim Kardashian pregnancy style: her best maternity outfits to celebrate her 35th birthday!

Kim Kardashian's has a... unique feel for fashion, so here are her 20 best outfits

Kim Kardashian\\\\\\\'s birthday best looks

by Laurence Mozafari |

Thirty years ago today in 1985, Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled into the future for Jaws 19, hoverboards and futuristic Pepsi. But if you go back a further five years to 21 October 1980, a much more culturally significant event happened: a human baby was born.

This human baby, to be precise

A human baby that would popularise and monetise the selfish act of taking a picture of oneself. A human who would go on to be one of the most recognisable faces on the planet, who would one day grace the covers of Vogue, Rolling Stone and, of course, heat. This human would go on to earn millions, marry a potential presidential candidate and become a role model and obsession for millions of young women, despite rising to prominence via a grainy, grotty and quite frankly boring sex tape.

The baby born on 21 October 1980 was Kim Kardashian, and today is her 35th birthday.

More news!

Kim Kardashian might have admitted to being dethroned by her step-sister Kylie Jenner, but the reality star and mother of North West, who married rapper Kanye West in May 2014, is still a huge deal. And she’s about to pop out another huge deal, as the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is currently expecting her second baby with Kanye, due in November.

For Kanye’s last birthday, Kim rented out a huge basketball arena, invited some of his celeb pals for a training sessions with some NBA players and even got John Legend to sing the national anthem. So expect something even more lavish for Kim’s big day. Maybe he’ll get some planes to write her Twitter handle in the sky. Maybe Kanye will get her bum tattooed on the moon. Or maybe, he’ll just forget it’s today and write a hasty “happy bday” on her Facebook wall at 11:57pm tonight.

However Kim ends up celebrating today, there’s no denying she’s a stylish lady. Designers are beating each other with elegant canes and whipping each others eyes with luxurious silk scarves just to be the next person to clad her in incredibly expensive clobber. So to celebrate her birthday, we’ve compiled Kim Kardashian’s best maternity looks. Just think, a human baby could be born today who, thirty-five years from now, will be even more famous than Kim Kardashian. By then, if our arthritic fingers are still able to type words on our air-based laser keyword, we'll be sure to give you a nod Kim. You’ve done well.

Kim Kardashian’s best pregnant fashion looks


Flashback! Kim Kardashian's maternity wardrobe baby number 2

London, June 2015
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Working girl scout chic in khaki shades, Kim added double belts from Kanye's wardrobe to finish.

London, June 2015
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Kimmy looked like the Black Swan version of Marilyn Monroe in this Givenchy skirt and top combo, showing off her impressive cleavage.

LAX Airport, June 2015
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Draped trenches are a big fave of Kim's and for good reason. They instantly smarten up a look as well as covering a multitude of sins.

LA, June 2015
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Only in her early stages of pregnancy, Kim looked fab in this Balmain co-ord. The star threw on an oversized denim jacket (possibly Kanye's) over for extra style points.

LA, June 2015
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Va-va-VOOM. We can clearly see a bump, albeit tiny and very neat.

LAX Airport, June 2015
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When your hubby is a mega fashion designer-slash-lover, you can borrow his clothes! Kim covered up with Kanye's army jacket, doubling her greens.

Heathrow Airport, June 2015
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Not the most comfortable outfit for travelling but we bet she changed into cashmere pjs once she was onboard, eh? Still, she looks AMAZE.

New York, June 2015
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Not long after they announced to the world they were expecting their 2nd child, Kimye hit the red carpet looking over the moon. Well, Kim did. And she braved a sheer frock for the occasion, revealing big knicks and a sturdy bra.

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