Lady Gaga shows off her new sparkly eyebrows, McQueen heels on her NYC balcony

We’re going Gaga over that view


by Ellen Kerry |

If there’s one thing we can always trust to be true it’s that Lady Gaga will share her cray cray world with us. And it’s usually via the medium of Instagram.


Lady G shared snaps of what she’s been getting up to recently on her Insty feed to her 9 millions followers/monsters. The first thing we notice that’s new is the lack of regs brows on her face. Instead of fluffy eye toppers, Gaga is currently sporting some very jazzy disco eyebrows. Pretty much the most anti-Delevingne brow ever.


We don’t think the singer has actually ditched her real brows, they’ve just been blurred out by the magic of make up.

After we’ve had a jolly good squizz at her diamante, we then see she has been gifted 2 pairs of iconic Alexander McQueen heels. The shoes, which look like the hardest things to walk in, are considered works of art and were very much appreciated by McQueen mega fan, Gaga.

Posing in a nude leotard (obvi) the blonde proudly held her shoes up for all of New York to see. We like this pic mainly because that view must be AMAZING. There’s nothing quite like a snoop into the actual house of the rich and famous, eh?

We’re assuming this is Gaga’s pad, otherwise bravo to whoever holds the keys.

Pic credit: @ladygaga

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