Lauren Goodger is that an actual tablecloth you’re wearing?

It’s a genuine question. We’re properly baffled


by Ellen Kerry |
Published on
That face says it ALL
That face says it ALL

The Reality TV Awards was never going to rival the Oscars for high quality style but Lauren Goodger’s choice of dress last night was something else.

The ex-TOWIE star and most recent resident of CBB rocked up to the the event, which was held in London, wearing what looked like an off-pink frilly tablecloth stolen from a local Women’s Institute.

The off-the-shoulder number could be a fancy dress undergarment for a saloon madam or perhaps a saucy Victorian nightdress for all we know; such is the quality of the piece.

It's almost WORSE from the back

It wasn’t just the terrible fabric or the yuk off-colour that makes this such an eyesore, the actual cut and style of the dress is so incredibly unflattering on Goodger’s bod.

Come on, Loz. We know you have a fab bod, lovely hair and a pretty face. You can do WAY better than this. Sort it out.

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