Leighton Meester, you look amazing! Actress shows off hot bod in keyhole mini

She's married to Adam Brody AND she's got legs like this. The world is just not fair


by Hannah Brimson |
Published on
Still just as hot as Blair Waldorf
Still just as hot as Blair Waldorf

Ever since Gossip Girl ended (we're still not over it btw - can you tell?), there's been a massive Blair Waldorf/Leighton Meester shaped hole in our lives. But we're super happy to see Leighton is back! After marrying Adam Brody (aka Seth from The OC and the biggest crush of our teenage years) earlier this year, jammy Leighton has now bagged herself this amazing keyhole mini dress and a cracking set of pins while she's at it. Pairing the pastel two-tone mini with cool metallic courts, just-got-outta-bed hair and barefaced beauty, we think it's fair to say we're slightly envious. Leighton rocked up at the St. Rillian Jewellery fragrance launch in Tokyo yesterday proving that she's well and truly back on the style scene. We just wish she'd brought her hawwwt hubby with her...

What a natural beaut!
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