Megan McKenna’s back with Harry Eden and Pete Wicks is with… Charlotte Crosby?!

A LOT has happened over the weekend guys

Charlotte Crosby Pete Wicks

by Heat |

As ever, it was a big weekend for the TOWIE lot. First off, we've been following the demise of Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks's relationship for a while now - ever since the fascinating (read: incredibly dull) breakup scenes aired earlier this month.

In their post-breakup episode, Pete told his pals: "Megan's seeing her ex fella again apparently. Last time we split up, she slept with him then. I cannot believe she's done the same thing again."

And now it looks like this has all but confirmed - Harry Eden, Megan's ex, has not only been spotted leaving her house, but he's been snapchatting from a sofa that looks remarkably like Megan's. Bit of a taunt to Pete, eh Harry?

Not to worry though, because Pete isn't moping about. Oh no. There's lots of speculation that he has, in fact, jumped straight into a rumoured fling with none other than Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby. How have these rumours started? Well, just this weekend he was spotted at a Halloween dinner with Charlotte and a load of TOWIE people - James Locke, Yazmin Oukhellou and Amber Turner. We didn't know she hung out with them on the regular, so what's changed? Is it LOVE?

We're not the only ones who raised our eyebrows. One fan commented: 'Pete and char would make a cute couple', and another wrote: 'Oh imagine Charlotte and Pete together!!!!!!!'

Charlotte slammed rumours, responding: 'Come on guys really? Me and Pete and Megan have all been friends for a long time. Why on earth would you all jump to silly conclusions because we are all in a group pic. Friends guys.'

But remember when her and Stephen Bear started going out? They both maintained they were mates for ages, right the way through all the suspect snapchatting in bed.

We shall wait patiently and see how this pans out.

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