Mollie King says she “wouldn’t rule out Tinder to find love”

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by Sophie Bronstein |

The Saturdays star says she would "never say never" when it came to finding love online

Despite she has had romantic links to her *Strictly Come Dancing *co-star AJ Pritchard, Mollie has spoken out *The Sun *about how she would never rule out online dating apps in order to find love.

Mollie, 30, said; "I’d love to fall in love, for sure. I’m quite a girly girl and want to settle down at some point.

At the moment I’m playing third wheel a lot but I quite like it. I’d rather hang out with my best friend than go on an awkward first date".

She continued: "I'm quite shy on dates, but my ideal first date would be if a friend set me up".

"I have done the online thing, Match and Tinder, but it looks like fun so never say never!".

Mollie added "Lots of my friends have met people on apps and it’s definitely the modern way to do it".

Although, King has said that she is quite "old school", so would prefer to meet someone at a bar - and that she can be quite fussy.

Mollie still insists that her and *Strictly *co-star Pritchard were never romantically involved, and that the pair are still "so close".

She added: "With Strictly, you expect romance rumours, especially as I was single. But we could laugh it off because we're so close. Every now and again I get linked to people I'm not with and I'm trying to get used to that".

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