MTV VMAs 2015; all of the CRAZY outfits Miley Cyrus wore

The hostess with the mostess (outfit changes)

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by Ellen Kerry |
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With Miley Cyrus heading up the MTV VMAs 2015 party, it was never going to be a dull affair. Her costumes alone have given us so much LOLz today. Nobody can pull off seriously crazy outfits like the Wrecking Ball babe. Ready for a closer look at her 10 outfit changes? Hella YEAH.

Silver Surfer

Showing off her incredible body wearing teeny tiny pieces of fabric is a Miley Cyrus signature. This metallic body harness with matching thigh boots and a bejewelled chandelier-style crotch area was a real treat.

She also managed to find herself a nude thong that totally matched her skin tone which is an impressive feat.


Who wouldn't choose to wear a see-through mini dress with brightly coloured balls covering you modesty in front of the whole wide world? No nude thong needed for this particualr look.

Bottoms Up

She's wearing TROUSERS! Now that is a shocker. Thankfully she ditched the top in favour of pink straps to cover her nipples. Phew.

**D I S C O **

Spangly leotards with eyeball bikini tops were made for Miles to work. Probably literally.

Eye Eye

What is it with MC and eyes on her boobies? Actually, that's a pout over her...area. So, standard really.


Turning herself into a Gay Pride-themed avatar square was a real highlight.

Oink Oink

Miley is a big fan of piggies, she even has one as a pet, so it's fitting she used them to inspire one of her outfits. We're into the madness of this one.


The sheer height of that glittery crotch is making our eyes water.

Window Shopper

Another incredible show of very clever positioning. And an excellent fluffy scrunchie.

Carni Queen

The brightest floral shrug for the nuttiest MTV VMAs host ever. Thanks for making it SO fun, MC. Now, go change into comfy joggers and give your nips a chafe-free eve.

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