The most OUTRAGEOUS Oscars looks ever

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Oscars most outrageous looks ever

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The 91st Academy Awards are over (sob); which means it's time to look back at all the glitz, glamour and shiny gold gongs the 2019 Oscars had to offer (hoorah).

At ridiculous o'clock this morning GMT all eyes gravitated towards LA's Dolby Theatre (we were very much in bed dreaming of mac and cheese with a bacon crumb, tbh); and now we can't wait to go all Grazia and judge the stars' red carpet looks.

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We thought we'd take a look back at some of the Oscars' most outrageous looks ever. We're talking a fringed faux pas, some unnecessarily-heavy head gear and BJÖRK WEARING A SWAN, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

Check out the most ridiculous looks of all time:


The most outrageous Oscars looks EVER

The most outrageous Oscars looks EVER1 of 17

Emma Stone, 2019

Anyone for a pack of bacon Frazzles? ud83dudc40

The most outrageous Oscars looks EVER2 of 17

Kacey Musgraves, 2019

A sort of elaborate, pink bog roll cover. Interesting.

The most outrageous Oscars looks EVER3 of 17
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Björk, 2001

Björk's swan dress from the 73rd Academy Awards in 2001 is ICONIC, let's be honest. The Icelandic star even mimicked laying an egg on the red carpet as she arrived in the infamous Marjan Pejoski creation. Casual.

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Cher, 1986

So it's probably not one you'd pop down to Tesco for a pint of milk in. Back in 1986 Cher worked with long-time collaborator Bob Mackie and served all the showgirl vibes. 2-foot headpiece, anyone?

The most outrageous Oscars looks EVER5 of 17
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Lady Gaga, 2015

Look, we love the Alaïa gown; but we're not sure we quite get the gloves. Who are we to judge, though? Might try wearing our Marigolds out to the club this weekend...

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Celine Dion, 1999

Do you want to tell her or should we?(In case you're wondering it's Dior, dahling.)

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Uma Thurman, 2004

Uma was branded a 'Swiss Miss' after rocking up to the 2004 Oscars in this couture Christian Lacroix look. She later stole InStyle: "It was a beautiful dress, turns out I wore it wrong."

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Lizzie Gardiner, 1995

We know Oscars outfits are supposed to exude wealth, but with 254 expired American Express cards we reckon Lizzie took the dress code a little too literally.

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Kim Basinger, 1990

The satin skirt, the half-jacket situation, those nonsensical symbols down the arm.Why? Because FASHION.

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Whoopi Goldberg, 1993

There's a famous saying along the lines of 'blue and green should never be seen.' If Whoopi's 1993 get-up's anything to go by we should probably extend that mantra to purple, too.

The most outrageous Oscars looks EVER11 of 17
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Tilda Swinton, 2008

Tilda's Lanvin look from the 2008 ceremony was compared to a bin bag and we, um, can't see why. Nope. Not one bit.

The most outrageous Oscars looks EVER12 of 17
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Matt Stone and Trey Parker, 2000

To be fair, props to the South Park creators for their spoofs of Jennifer Lopez's infamous Grammys gown and that Gwyneth Paltrow Oscars princess dress.

The most outrageous Oscars looks EVER13 of 17
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Charlize Theron, 2010

This one did NOT go down well with bloggers at the time, and we all know the bloggers are always right.

The most outrageous Oscars looks EVER14 of 17
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Kate Hudson, 2001

Almost Famous nominee Kate faced some flak for her fringed Stella McCartney gown back in 2001. Later addressing the criticism at the British Fashion Awards, she said: "I was 21 years old and to have Stella McCartney dressing me, well, I felt like the hippest, coolest girl in the world."I woke up the next morning, turned on the television to find out I was on every Worst Dressed list. So I called Stella and we just laughed our arses off."Amazing.

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Gwyneth Paltrow, 2002

Gwyneth's Alexander McQueen gown was branded everything from a 'fashion disaster' to an 'unflattering, figure-flattening goth getup' in 2002. Blimey.She later regretted not wearing a bra; but we reckon Free the Nipple campaigners would argue otherwise, babes.

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Sacha Baron Cohen, 2012

What better way to promote The Dictator than by turning up in 'John Galliano and Kmart socks,' eh?Quite the controversial look.

The most outrageous Oscars looks EVER17 of 17
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Diane Keaton, 2004

We're all for an androgynous look, but Diane's 2004 outfit steps slightly too far into Charlie Chaplin territory for our liking. Soz.

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