Rita Ora has chopped off all her hair :O :O :O

What do you think of her new ‘do?

Rita Ora cropped hair fb

by Emmeline Saunders |

Woman gets haircut news now, and famous person Rita Ora has done what hundreds of thousands of women do every day and got herself a haircut. Except this one is a famous haircut, which is why we’re writing a story about it.

Anyway, look at it - it’s pretty nice, right?

She debuted the ‘do on a photoshoot for Elle Canada and tweeted a picture of herself wearing a bright yellow jacket with her new look.

The Body On Me singer has been in Toronto for work, in between filming for this year’s X Factor series.

She showed off her dramatic change in a series of Snapchats while she was hanging out behind the scenes at the shoot getting her makeup done.

Rita just let it all hang out in a powder blue dressing gown with nothing underneath. Scandalous, we know. If we sloped around wearing a dressing gown with nothing underneath at work, we’d probably be arrested.

But that’s what happens when you’re a famous person – basically anything goes.

Rita Ora's wackiest outfits evs


rita ora wacky outfits

Flare for errr...
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Taking 70s styling a tad too far at the BBC Radio 1 studios last month.

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When Rita signed up to promote her own adidas designs she was SERIOUS. Look at all of that COLOUR.

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Someone's being a mega rebel! That naughty word + her Kim K hair + the confused print = WOW.

Bed style
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Feeling chilly but can't find your cardi? Chuck on the dog's blanket a la Rita.

Cloud 9
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Subtle just isn't in Ora's vocab. This OTT pink cloud look was something else entirely.

She's pants!
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At least she's wearing undercrackers, eh?

Magic eye
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Wearing an outfit made out of those hologram pencil cases we used to have at school? Ingenius.

8 of 10

Another example of "takes things too far". We bet that was on her school report.

Not so innocent
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Who really needs a massive backpack when performing onstage? Also, those trousers... Net curtains or what?

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