Sofia Richie: 5 reasons why you need to get to know her

New crush alert!


by Ellen Kerry |
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We’re always on the lookout for a new style crush and when we find one, it makes us giddy with pure happiness.

Say hello to Sofia Richie, the reason behind our Monday giddiness. If you’re not already into Sofia, we bet you will be. Here are 5 reasons why…

#1 – Sister Sister


You might already have put 2 and 2 together and figured out Sofia has a pretty famous familia. Her dad is Lionel Richie of Hello fame and her sissy is Nicole of boho fash fame.

#2 – Hot Hurrr

‘Fia’s got the coolest ‘do this side of LA. Ice white, sometimes grey, with cornrows ‘n’ crimping and always on-fleek; we’re into it.

#3 – Can’t sit with us

As if she was ever going to be part of any other crowd than the cool one. Sofia’s BFFs include model and IT babe Bella Hadid and heir to the DVF throne Talita von Furstenburg.

#4 – Happy Days

Her childhood sounds like the best childhood EVER. She had an actual funfair for her 13th birthday. With roller coasters and ERRRERYTHING. Plus, whenever she needs a new outfit, she can raid her stylish older sister’s closet. Jeal.

#5 – Threads

Even without Nic’s donations, Sofia always manages to look the edgiest of awesome. Who else looks this hot when playing golf?

Photo0 credit: @sofiarichie

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