Before the stylist: Jessica Alba

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by Hannah Brimson |

She may be one of the most beaut ladies in the world, but it kinda makes us happy to see she hasn't always had the best style...


Before the stylist: Jessica Alba

Sheerly does it
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A dress? Jeans? Why not wear both, eh?

Cheap frills
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Remember those days when you used to wear tops which would show off your bra on purpose? Apparently Alba was right there with us...

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This goes sooo far back that these geek sandals are in fact cool again. Those trousers though? Nah...

Nip slip
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Borrowed Madonna's cone bra, did you Jess?

It's all rosy
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Was moonlighting as Britney in Crossroads Jess' aim here?

On the job
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If you had a job interview in 1995, this would be like sooooo on trend

DIY Alba
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Just doing some painting and decorating

The bomb squad
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Yeah we love a bomber jacket as much as the next person. But this particular one leaves a lot to be desired...

In the club
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This is what we used to wear when we were 14 pretending to be 18

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She may be beaut, but her fashion sense once left a lot to be desired

Tutu terror
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Auditioning for Cheap Swan?

White out
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Yeah, so it turns out Jess really needs to learn to make up her mind when torn between a dress and trousers

Earning her stripes
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Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen would totes be all over those trews

Booty call
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Luckily these boots have a handy cut-out part on the foot to make them just a tiny bit more ugly

In the limelight
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Let's just hope no flames come near her in this frock

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