Before the stylist: Megan Fox

Fancy seeing what Megan Fox looked like pre-Transformers? Let's just say she was deffo transformed...


by Hannah Brimson |
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Super hot Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star Megan Fox is basically renowned for being well, super hot. Even when she had bad style, she was still a total fittie. But here are her twenty worst outfits anyway...


Before the stylist: Megan Fox

3rd December 20071 of 19

3rd December 2007

Trying to go for the whole rock chick thing. But looking way too put together...

17th May 20052 of 19

17th May 2005

Going to a TOWIE fancy dress party as Amy Childs, were we?

22nd September 20053 of 19

22nd September 2005

Put those hair straighteners down IMMEDIATELY

16th May 20074 of 19

16th May 2007

That old curtain worked out a treat as a last minute red carpet outfit

27th June 20075 of 19

27th June 2007

Who knew Megan was mates with the costume creators of Dancing On Ice?

26th August 20076 of 19

26th August 2007

C'mon, the Teen Choice Awards at least requires a bit of effort...

17th October 20077 of 19

17th October 2007

At least Kat Slater's cast-offs went to good use

1st June 20088 of 19

1st June 2008

Soz, we didn't realise you got a chance to relive your high school prom...

1st June 20089 of 19

1st June 2008

Woah, we can nearly see your vajazzle there, Megs

18th November 200810 of 19

18th November 2008

Those poor puppies look like they're suffocating in there!

28th March 200911 of 19

28th March 2009

Now correct us if we're wrong (we really hope we are), but is that a matching scarf you've made to go with your top?

10th June 200912 of 19

10th June 2009

Cold at a press conference? Just chuck on a grubby old school cardie

12th June 200913 of 19

12th June 2009

Transformers. We wish that would apply to your wardrobe too, Foxy...

26th June 200914 of 19

26th June 2009

There's mismatching on purpose to look good, and then there's this...

22nd June 200915 of 19

22nd June 2009

Let's hope there's not any fake tan on that bedsheet...

10th September 200916 of 19

10th September 2009

The crotch police are comin' for ya again Megs...

9th August 200917 of 19

9th August 2009

This is what happens when a giant slug leaves a trail all over your frock

16th September 200918 of 19

16th September 2009

You could've at least found someone to steam your dress before going out, Megan

26th January 201119 of 19

26th January 2011

Just taking a hike. In her old school socks

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