Before the stylist: Reese Witherspoon

Sorry, Reese. This week it's your old album we're lookin' in...


by Hannah Brimson |
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Yep, she may well be a Hollywood beaut. But things haven't always looked quite so glam for Miss Witherspoon...


Before the stylist: Reese Witherspoon

Peekaboo1 of 20


A full-on body stocking meets bright camera lights = deffo gonna see your undies

Black and gold, black and gold, black and gold2 of 20

Black and gold, black and gold, black and gold

We'd have exactly that facial expression too if we caught sight of ourselves in the mirror wearing that outfit

Suited and purple booted3 of 20

Suited and purple booted

An ill-fitting suit will never get you far. Apart from if you're a gorgeous Hollywood actress like Reese, then she's forgiven

Jacket-in4 of 20


So THIS is what The Co-op uniform looked like in 1999

Flower power5 of 20

Flower power

Cruise ship singer chic at its finest

Best in show6 of 20

Best in show

Yeah, we all know you're at the Golden Globes. You don't need to wear a rosette

Mash up7 of 20

Mash up

The hideous combo of three dresses torn apart and stitched back together again

Curl power8 of 20

Curl power

Cruel Intentions indeed. From your hair stylist especially...

Teen spirit9 of 20

Teen spirit

You may be at the Teen Choice Awards, Reese. But it doesn't mean you have to dress like one

Reese DeGeneres10 of 20

Reese DeGeneres

At least Ellen's making use of her old suits

Crotch watch11 of 20

Crotch watch

A dress which diverts attention to your crotch can never be a good thing

Lady in waiting12 of 20

Lady in waiting

Cold? Just borrow a jacket off the waiting staff

Suit up13 of 20

Suit up

We feel for you, Reese. We also fondly remember the days when we would wear our flared jeans and blazer and think we looked the s**t

Cheap frills14 of 20

Cheap frills

The most unflattering colour known to man?

Legally vom15 of 20

Legally vom

We're pretty sure this is what our birthday presents came wrapped in last year

Ironing out16 of 20

Ironing out

If all else fails and you're in a rush, forget the iron and use a piece of string as a belt instead

Lady in red17 of 20

Lady in red

Just turn to the side and nobody will realise you've forgotten to put on a bra...

Easily suede18 of 20

Easily suede

Sooooo retro, suede dresses are back again. But not this baggy kind

Hair-raising19 of 20


We'll forgive the dress as Reese was pregnant here. But that hair? Eek

Velvet underground20 of 20

Velvet underground

Oi, Reese. The local librarian called. She wants her bag back

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