Suki Waterhouse says she used to look like ’Alexa Chung on crack’

Interview with Sunday Times Style


by Ellen Kerry |
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We thought looking like Alexa Chung on any level would be the dream but actually, Alexa Chung on crack? Nah, we’d probably give that a miss, ta. But according to Suki Waterhouse, this is a pretty accurate portrayal of her mod days.

“I lived down the road from Liam Gallagher, and I was hanging out with him and those sorts of people. There are some cringy, horrific photos of me that I can’t even look at. Like Alexa Chung on crack or something.”

In an interview with Style magazine, the 23-year-old model also revealed she used to pinch her mum’s debit card so she could purchase questionable boots…

“I always used to nick my mum’s debit card! I was about 15 or 16, and the first thing I ever bought were these thigh-high, white leather cowboy boots. My mum went mental.”

Suki, who broke up with 40-year-old Bradley Cooper earlier this year, said she has changed her mind about having kids at a young age, too.

“I think I’ve changed my mind about that. I think it’s incredible, but I’ve had a bit of a tough time.”

Despite being one of the most beautiful models on the block, Suki said she has had to deal with her fair share of negative comments from within the industry…

“It’s really hard being told, ‘You’re too fat.’ I remember the first time I was, like, ‘Bwuh-huh-huh [wailing].”

Even though she admits to feeling rubbish at hearing such criticisms, Waterhouse recognises it’s all part and parcel of her job…

“You’re not working in an office, you’re working in the modelling industry.”

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