TOWIE’s Chloe Lewis hits back at fans branding a picture of her and her dad ‘creepy’


by Sophie Bronstein |
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The star has faced backlash from a recent snap that she posted on social media

TOWIE's Chloe Lewis recently took to Instagram to share a sweet snap of her and her dad on the beach while on holiday together.

The star posted the picture yesterday, and captioned it "Me & my papa <3", but soon faced a string of criticising comments from her followers.

One follower said "This is weird. The hand makes me feel uncomfortable".

Another wrote; "Something quite disturbing about the way his positioned his hand on you. Looks sinister and creepy, this is a pic you’d take with a lover..not with your father!".

However, some fans rushed to Chloe's defence, explaining that some people were overthinking the snap and that Chloe is just sharing the father-daughter love.

One supportive fan wrote "If she was ugly half of you wouldn’t have an issue with her dads hand! It’s because you think she’s hot so believe any mans thoughts would naturally move to a sexual nature! Forgetting the fact it’s her father who is only going to see his beautiful girl which he probably still thinks of as being little! You all need to rethink your thought processes and leave Chloe to be proud of her bond with her Dad! Grow up - I hope my little girl & partner take father daughter pics when she’s this age and they still have their unbreakable bond it’s beautiful to see xxx".

Chloe later hit back at fans on her Instagram story, reposting the snap and captioning it "Can't believe the comments I have had on this picture. He is my dad. It worries me the people that find this weird. I think you need to take a look at yourselves and your relationships with your dads".

We couldn't agree more, Chloe!

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