UNLIKELY HAIR HERO: We want Harper Beckham’s cut and casual waves

Little Miss Cuteness is causing a tress tirade


by Carly Hobbs |
Published on

Ok, so we’ve been after her teeny tiny wardrobe of awesomeness for quite some time, and now it appears we want the youngest Beckham’s beauts barnet too. The cutting crew at Charles Worthington salon told us they’ve had loads of ladies popping in for a trim clutching a picture of the Posh ‘n’ Becks mini me requesting the ‘Harper’.

Yep, you read that right and we have to admit Harper does have something of a Blake Lively kinda vibe going on hair-wise both in cut and styling. Of course this little lady’s gentle wave is au natural, but it is also super easy for us not to lucky lock owners to re-create. Here’s our Star Style mini how to so you can Harper your hair at super speed. You are welcome.

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