Vicky Pattison shares ‘sad skinny’ photo and admits counting blueberries in food obsession

Strong not skinny 💪

Vicky Pattison

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Vicky Pattison has taken to Instagram to share a body positivity post and talk about taking back control of her health and fitness.

Comparing a picture of herself from this week with one from 2015 when she was at her thinnest, Vicky makes a vow to herself to “never to go back to that sad girl on the left”.

“I was sad because I thought I looked fat,” she wrote on the post.

“I was sad because I counted how many blueberries I put on my porridge every morning (like some kind of crazed calorie obsessed carol vorderman), I didn’t drink, I never ate in restaurants & I trained twice a day.”

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Vicky Pattison

A fresh-faced Vicky Pattison first tore onto our screens on MTV's Geordie Shore in 2011. Back then she was 23, was working in telesales. . . and fresh out of a relationship with local lad John Noble. With a mega-watt TV career on the horizon, which hunky lads would this 'VIP' set her sights on?

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Looking forward to a “journey of self discovery” in the coming months, she continued, “I’m going to get my head down and fall in love with fitness again- try new things & get out my comfort zone! I want exercise to be a part of my life as it’s like therapy for me and I’m just a better person when I’m incorporating it into my life."

“But rather than punishing myself in the gym in desperate pursuit of a perfect aesthetic which quite frankly doesn’t exist & would make me my life a funless bag of shite and spin classes and make me miserable as sin I’m going to see exercise as a celebration of what my brilliant, strong & healthy body can do!!!”

Vicky Pattison

Vicky has been honest and open with her weight struggles over the years, having crept up to a size 16 during her Geordie Shore days before dropping to a size six after launching her weight loss DVD, 7 Day Slim, in 2013.

In recent months, she’s been all about striking a healthy balance as she’s enjoyed a number of exciting holidays with new boyfriend Ercan Ramadan and moved into her own flat in London.

“I’ve been busy & I’m not going to be so hard on myself,” she continued. “But [this girl] is happy, she is strong, she is in a healthy & loving relationship & she lives a full & exciting life filled with travel, adventure, carbs & aperol spritz!”

Preach, Vick.

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